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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Pop Classical




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Counttessa is Cari (Caroline) Rose Mary Ann Craig. 

Cari innately draws from both her classical and contemporary training all whilst her personality and influences seamlessly seep, sizzle and synthesize into her original music. Cari’s original modern body of work could be best categorized as avant-garde pop, poetic, thought provoking and is described by viewers, adjudicators and booking agents as ‘trailblazing’…‘theatrical’…‘art-rock’ and ‘soulful’. Cari finds her contemporary artistic endeavors immensely impacted by her Operatic training as well as aspects of her Fine Art degree such as Sculpture, Gender Studies and Art History.

Visually speaking, Counttessa is a synthesis of confectionery sweet 1700’s style and meaty modernity. Conceptually, the name Counttessa pays homage to Opera and keeping time.

Counttessa is a lady who is obsessed with music. Surprisingly enough she was born with limited hearing, more specifically "glue ear" (fluid in the middle ear). Her formative years relied heavily on people shouting, lip reading and a mothers relentless pursuit.

3 ear surgeries were performed in which both ears had the eardrum cut and a grommet inserted. In the hours leading up to one surgery, prepped and ready to go into the operating theatre - she sat with her mum until she was the only child left. It transpired the nurse was looking for a 'little boy' named Craig Cardine. After each surgery the ears were protected from water at all costs. Cups were held on the ears whilst bathing, ear plugs, swimming caps and the sorts. After the 3rd surgery, with scar tissue as it was, hopefully either it had done the trick or potentially a hearing aid might be an option. A young Caroline thought "maybe a glittery one could be cool". As they say, 'things go in 3's and the 3rd operation had done the trick.

Forever and always on her bedside table sat a CD player and 1 CD - an Enya album. Every night at bed time her mum would read her a story, gently scratch her back, press play on the CD player giving the airwaves to Enya and then say 'goodnight, don't let the bed bugs bite'. From a young age, Cari was taken to as much live performance as possible. From the Symphony and the touring Russian ballet to local, small town amateur dramatics. Caroline started piano lessons, followed by the clarinet and distinctly recalls adoring a pop opera song, unfortunately any info of it eludes her. Cari emigrated from Bridport, Dorset, England with her family in time to start high school in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Cari quickly found solace in classical voice, it's beauty, joy and fun a remedy to homesickness and heartache.

Cari studied privately and solely classical bel canto voice for well over a decade. Appearing in many concerts, recitals and productions; with Candela, a classical female vocal ensemble, Opera Kelowna's "Lake of Tears", "La Bohème" and "Carmen" and with the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra. Cari also took great note from 2 master classes with the vocal faculty of University of Manitoba.
Despite, always believing she was to become an Opera Singer and professional Soprano, Cari found an urge and need to process the world around her and to create to her own original work and thus completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree focused in Interdisciplinary performance, ever encouraged by her mum to persue what interests her. Her degree was broken down into 3 main areas: visual art, theatre and creative writing.

Throughout her degree and most certainly post completion, Cari began asking questions, gaining connections and deciphering the path of songwriting, contemporary voice, her sound, and music production. Whilst on her journey of composition and orchestration, she met and became dear friends with Music Director and Composer Ken Hartfield. His most current project to date being "Symphonic Rock Evolution". Ken became her mentor and patiently started teaching her scoring. Unfortunately (for Cari) after 9 months, one music video and one kick-ass show in Vernon (trumpet, trombone, saxophone, upright bass, cello, violins, electric guitar, bass, percussion with conga's, 6+ vocalists ETC) KH and his wonderful wife moved away to start enjoying retirement in a hotter climate.

Shortly after this, Cari met Danny Flam of New York Brass (the guy behind the horns in Kanye West's Grammy winning platinum selling album "All of the Lights". After sharing a song, and Danny producing the track, it was quickly realized how well they worked together as a songwriting team. Potentially his past at the Israel Philharmonic, their classical backgrounds, or 'A.D.D'! Danny saw, believed, nurtured and understood the artistry at play. The album simply titled "C" is currently releasing track by track.

Counttessa embraces embracing her weaknesses and proudly counting her blessings. Counttessa has grown into the woman she dreamed of becoming, and invites you into her house of music, where she plays hostess.

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