Count Us In

Count Us In

 Houston, Texas, USA

What do you get when you combine four of some of North Houston's best young talent? Count Us In!! The Pop Punk Rockers have only been on the scene since only March of this year! Count Us In is currently on the rise, so keep an eye out for them, because they are on the rise!


Count Us In came about after lead singer Branden Mendoza contacted local guitar hero Brandon Williams (aka Donny to avoid confusion) about his upcoming shows on Spring Break as a solo act at Six Flags in Arlington, Texas. After recruiting Donny as lead guitarist, the two just needed the rest of the band. Donny was quick to call his new found friend Alex Godwin, which he had met only a few months prior for the rhythm guitar position. Just a few days later, temporary bassist was quickly found to add to the lineup for the show. Nearing crunch time with only less than two weeks before their first performance, Branden found their soon-to-be drummer Nick Rexer to complete the band. Recently, due to lack of local bass players, rhythm guitarist Alex Godwin has stepped over to bass guitar & lead singer Branden Mendoza has picked up rhythm guitar. So the band currently will continue on as a four piece for the time being. These Texas based rockers have influences by bands such as: All Time Low, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Sum 41 and more!


We are currently in the studio recording our debut EP!

Set List

We currently have 10+ original songs and we aren't stopping anytime soon!