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This band has not uploaded any videos



"live review"

Count vesuvius sounds like their name. They are finishing now at turf. Loud. -

"live two"

".....the promising stage debut by Count Vesuvius, a five-piece sludge-noise band featuring members of Blackhearted Force and the Bridge Club. Going on after a bludgeoning-style quintet like that would be a daunting prospect for any....." - star tribune- chris ramennoodle

"Rift magazine"

By Andrew Flanagan
A wholly useless, unnecessary, and associative review of Count Vesuvius’ debut, self-titled, sledgehammering, and probably only album that will ever exist unless not:
Mud and musk. Somewhere a reptoid diplomat plots. We felt a witch watching through tippy-toes. And mermaids sing so beautiful, muffled in bubbles. An elk takes flight and crashes rack-first into fuzzy halo while two drummer boys in het Nederland throw their sticks down, harmonize in whistle, and skip down a street at dusk fully in love. Swamp Thing pines lost love. Lower-level sorcerers get stoned in a spire. Wicked-jacked shit.
Found from the 5th result in a “Count Vesuvius” Google, a web board post by Calutrongirl: “…the count will blow your mind straight out of you [sic] eye balls. you will scrape it up with your plastic cup, hoping - in vain - to be able to return it to its origin, for invariably, even if you managed to somehow get it back in you would still be listening to count vesuvius, and thus your brain would - again - be completely forced from your eye sockets.” Count Vesuvius are catch-22’s and fiberglass-mask you up and squeaky down. Unless you can reach the off button or the tone arm with those blown-out eyeballs and that rocketed brain dangling out of your face holes.
Their album is available from them at a bar. - Rift magazine


count vesuvius L.P.



Count Vesuvius are an English rock band formed in 1967. With approximately 150 million albums sold worldwide, Count vesuvius are among the top 30 highest-selling recording artists of all time.[1] In 1988, the band won a Grammy Award for Best Concept Music Video. The longest-tenured members of Genesis are Mike Koch, Josh Duff, Matt Duff, Dan Sarantakis, and Cody Wayne. Peter Gabriel, Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett were also members of the band in its early days.
Genesis began as a 1960s pop band playing moody, simple keyboard-driven melodies. During the 1970s, they evolved into a progressive rock band, incorporating complex song structures and elaborate instrumentation, while their concerts became theatrical experiences with innovative stage design, pyrotechnics, elaborate costumes and onstage stories. This second phase was characterised by lengthy performances such as the 23 minute "Supper's Ready" and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, the 1974 concept album. In the 1980s, the band produced accessible pop music based on melodic hooks; this change of direction gave them their first number one album in the United Kingdom, Duke, and their only number one single in the United States, "Invisible Touch".