County Line Junction

County Line Junction


County Line Junction is a high energy band led by Alisha Sheely and Michael Clark. CLJ's tight harmonies are a perfect blend of yesterday with a contemporary country-rock flair. County Line Junction has a unique dynamic with both their audience and each other so stage shows are never boring.


County Line Junction is a lively, original duo based out of the Columbus, Ohio region. Backed by a full band, County Line Junction’s self-penned music pushes the envelope of traditional thought by combining tight Americana harmonies with a contemporary rock sound.

Soulfulness prevails in lead singer, Alisha Sheely’s vocal delivery and songwriting for County Line Junction. Specializing in lead vocals, backing vocals and rhythm acoustic guitar, Alisha has played venues across the region. County Line Junction’s allure is enhanced by the exceptional vocal and guitar talents of Michael Clark. Michael’s professional training in jazz performance gives the duo their distinct, original and bluesy sound.

For the past 5 years, County Line Junction has played venues across the United States. Some of CLJ’s achievements include headlining The Wheeling Jamboree, opening for top country acts such as Gretchen Wilson and Randy Houser and being featured performing songwriters for “That Nashville Sound” and “Today’s Country Music”. County Line has been invited to play The Nashville Songwriter’s Fest and will be showcasing their talented band and songs in 2010 for Nashville record executives.

County Line Junction continues to believe in the importance of giving back to people by participating in performances that benefit local and national charities such as The March of Dimes, The Komen Race for the Cure and Special Olympics.
County Line Junction is currently planning and writing for their second original album, tentatively scheduled for debut in Fall of 2010 on Nashville’s own Colt Records.



Written By: A&M

I wish I was special
In your eyes
I wish I could feel you, maybe be near you
Lying by my side

I wish you would notice
When I smile
And see what I can’t see, then you could tell me
To stay here for awhile

Why can’t you see me?
Why can’t you let me in?
I know it’s been so long
But I remember when

Why can’t you see me?
Why can’t you let me in?
I find I’m looking back
On everything that’s been

I get used to lonely
By your side
The silence is deafening and I see the ending
See it in your eyes

What can I tell you?
What can I do?
Words are so pointless, feelin’ so helpless
The ending starts with you


Why can’t you open up to me?
When will you set me free?



She's Like Me

Written By: Sheely

Everyday you see her
In her car, at the store
Trudgin’ through this old world
Settlin’, wanting more

She’s a mother
She’s a friend
She’s a wife, a life, a heart on the mend

She is me
She’s got puffy eyes and swollen feet
Her heart breaks and her back aches
And she’s burstin’ at the seams
She is me
She wears her heart right on her sleeve
She runs late and forgets dates
And her dishes never gleam
Perfect’s way too out of reach
She is me

Sunday morning, she’s in church
Or grocery shopping after work
Whirlwind day then time for bed
Thoughts of who she was slip in her head

She’s a dreamer
She’s a child
She’s a lover, a fighter, a flower growin’ wild


She’s the loyal friend you long to meet
She’s the kind of mom you want to be
She’s so effortless but everything…



Written By: Sheely/ Clark

It’s an easy thing to lose
An even harder thing to choose
And I’m working out my time
And I’m thinking ‘bout my life

I’m standing at the crossroads
Don’t know which way will bring me around
Choose it right, or so you hope
‘Cause you just never know
So I’ll take this trip
When I’m done with it
I’ll lay down this heavy load
At the crossroads

A word we hear everyday
A second chance
To make up for mistakes I’ve made
So this time around
I’m gonna let myself be found

It takes a leap of faith
A steady hand, a twist of fate
And you do your best
And hope you pass the test


-"Direction" released in August of 2008 with international distribution through Indieink Music

Set List

Mostly original music with like minded covers thrown in. 2-3 hours.