Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings


An abrasive, honest and muscular approach to the emo/rock genre.


COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS is a five piece, youthful, energy packed rock band coming straight out of Maryland with nothing but one thing on their mind, to make honest, hard-hitting songs that you cannot get out of your head. Including members with ages that range from seventeen to twenty-one, it is hard to peal your eyes away from these guys. Their home town following must all agree that their live performances are full of non-stop entertainment and songs that leave you humming. Holding an east-coast tour (blood, sweat, & rheTOURic) and hundreds of shows under their belt, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS has caused a sensational buzz in and out of their home state.

Their debut EP "Our Fear Is Our Glory," is smart, versatile, and loaded with gold-plated harmonies. Judson Mattingly (lead vocals), Mikey Green (guitar/vocals), Antonio Rucci (guitar), Ryan Altvater (bass/vocals), and Kenny Smith (drums) worked with producer Ron Vento of NightSky Studios (The Pennyroyals, Wakefield, and Downtown Singapore) to solidify the groups unique rock sound.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS strives to reach out to as many people as possible to get their music heard and will stop at nothing, to be different in a music industry filled with many bands having a cookie-cutter sound, and to do what they love, playing music.


This Is No Little Cut

Written By: Count Your Blessings

hurry up now, we're going to need a doctor
our time is short as well as my breath
laying in this hospital, so sick so cold
but what for? why am i dying to know?

well this is worse than it may sound
the way my feet they hit the ground

grab the scalpel, we need to make an incision
this is no little cut, this is a big decision
when you feel like you know that your life
it's a big no

well this is worse than it may sound
when my feet they hit the ground
laying in this bed so cold, so cold
laying in here trying to find out
hear the doctor scream and shout
laying in this bed so cold, so cold

hahaha...haha...ha... (3x)

pump one, pump twice, to feel my heartbeat drop (4x)

this is no little cut, this is a big decision
and it hurts so bad

why am i dying to find out? why am i? why am i? (why am i dying to know?)
why am i dying to find out? why am i? why am i? (why am i dying to know?)

Sucker For Sweet Girls

Written By: Count Your Blessings

let's give it one shot
we'll give it all we got
to get to where we know we're on top
when you close your eyes now girl
i want you to dream of me forever
forever in my life, you'll always be
so close to me (so close to me), right by my side
oh my god girl it's you and i

whoa! whooaa!
whoa-oa-oa! whoa-oa!

hey there pretty girl
won't you be my baby, my baby tonight
when i kiss your lips (muah, ahhh!)
i want you to taste of me, well taste of me
your sweet lips (ooo!) rub against mine
uh oh whoa girl! you're damn fine

she's number one
well she's my, my number one girl

wait for me and i'll wait for you (3x)
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Never Give The Devil A Ride

Written By: Count Your Blessings

it's times like this that make it hard to breathe
so anxious, so irresistable, it's what we need

blood, sweat, tears
only the strong survive (2x)

i'll cry for these boys
i'll die for these boys
right through thick and thin
we will remain strong
defeat hurts bad, all but us
all but us (4x)

it's hard to be but so good we try
yeah one day you'll see us on the world of fame
the best of friends and the best of brothers
we die to survive
yeah you can try but you won't succeed
you can't be, be me

we won't run (12x)


Our Fear Is Our Glory EP (2006) - Self-Released

Set List

30-45 Minute Set List

1. Never Give The Devil A Ride
2. Brown Eyes Do It Best
3. Liars Don't (Make Good Friends)
4. I Know You Know I Know
5. This Is No Little Cut
6. Sucker For Sweet Girls