Coup Detroit

Coup Detroit


Coup Detroit is a 4-piece alternagroove unit that's Detroit all the way! Heavy on the music, a lot of rock, a lot of funk and a chick who can sing! It's an all-original, jammin- band-unit that delivers a sonic surprise with no compromise!

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War of the Raptors "Naked Demo" - 3 song EP (2005)
Feat. "Raptors," "Bleeding," and "Disadvantage."
"Raptors" has been featured on WDET-FM's "Ralph Valdez Show."

Set List

Depending on the gig, Coup Detroit can play 1-3 sets with each set running between 30-40 minutes.

Our base set would contain:
Raptors - 3:59
Bleeding - 4:18
Beware - 2:43
D-Day - 3:08
Disadvantage - 4:35
Grindstone - 5:10
Supernatural - 2:27
Five - 2:58
Cradle - 6:31