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Denver, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




"Dear Winter (Mixtape Review)"

Conscious hip hop artist, Courier GT, shells out a steady stream of articulate dialogue, musings, sharp clips and steady flow on his recent release, Dear Winter, the follow-up to his debut album, 2012’s Inspired. Featuring eight tracks, the tape rolls steadily from the melodic title track, to one of two featured interludes, then trails into one of the best tracks, “Guiding Light.” With observations from everything ranging from being raised in the church to rising above negativity, the track provides a major glimpse into the mind of this fast-rising hip hop artist. The tape’s standout track is “E.O.Y.,” featuring Anthony Gates. Here, Courier GT delivers driving beats layered with prophetic conversation. The main hook of “Away I go, nobody knows, where I’m goin’, I’m on this yellow brick road, to the top, but they don’t see me comin’…” intertwines rhythmic poetry with vocals and memorable verses. The track is followed by “Studio Talk” by DJ Jax-Zen and three more tracks, including an interlude featuring commentary by the legendary Chuck D. Dear Winter wraps with “’Til Infinity,” and leaves us waiting for more from this relevant voice in Colorado hip hop.

- By Silas Rowe - Scene Magazine

"“E.O.Y” Video Debut on"

Depending on which news source you trust, right now Yasiin Bey may or may not be stuck in Cape Town, South Africa, denied a visa to perform in the US, where he was born. Don’t recognize the name Yasiin Bey? What about Mos Def? Both names were used by the conscious hip-hop artist and actor born as Dante Terrell Smith.

As half of Black Star, along with the wise Talib Kweli, Mos Def built upon artists like KRS One to present a hip-hop culture with a more progressive view of women, violence, oppression, power, and wealth. And he still kept the flow, spit sick lines.

But today, Yasiin Bey has renounced his US citizenship along with both his names, and many international news outlets are reporting that Bey, né Mos Def, is not allowed back into the US as a result. Whether or not this is true — there are reports claiming “friends” call it a ruse — Mos Def has taken hip-hop with a conscious to a whole new orbit.

Now, shift the focus from Cape Town to Denver. Galand Thaxton was born in Atlanta, Georgia, grew up in Laramie, Wyoming, and now is known here in Denver as the conscious hip-hop artist Courier GT. Like Mos Def, his rhymes have an awareness — a consciousness — of struggle, but rally a positive, personally empowering reaction over a violent one.

In the track “E.O.Y.,” available for download below, Courier GT begins by listing three steps: “First step, get money, do better. Next step, find the one, gotta get her. Last step, settle down, be easy.” But he follows by saying all he needs for now is step one. And really, this is the thing.

Mos Def raged against the lust for power and gold in hip-hop lyrics. He wanted to “do better,” as Courier GT puts it. Courier GT seems to have a viewpoint divided by the hip-hop that matches power with power, and the hip-hop of Mos Def that matches personal embetterment with power. Essentially, what Courier GT is saying in the opening of the track is that he wants a settled, domestic life not unlike the American Dream, whatever that means now, but he knows that none of that is available without the power of getting money.

Below, we debut the animated music video for “E.O.Y.,” which stands for Every One of You. In the song, Courier GT starts with personal goals, then expands to imagine the personal vaulted outside the Earth’s atmosphere, creating a hero not unlike the larger-than-life, uber-powerful figures hip-hop artists present in rhyme. But in the video, the viewpoint starts with the universe, moves to the personal, then sets up the protagonist to martyr himself in a kamikaze mission with an asteroid destined to destroy a dystopian Earth.

If Mos Def is stuck in South Africa, one has to wonder if he imagines his renouncement of citizenship as a martyr-like action. And one has to wonder if he also misses the possibility of easy comfort in Brooklyn. Courier GT seems to straddle these two desires.

In “E.O.Y.,” Courier GT begins longing for settling down with a partner and being easy, but by the end of the track he’s imagining a success equivalent to leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s like conscious hip-hop with Kanye goals. This conflict — along with slick, almost EDM-like production and a comic-inspired video — make “E.O.Y.” a great track from a promising Denver hip-hop artist.

Below, download “E.O.Y.,” which features Anthony Gates. Then, check out the rest of Courier GT‘s tracks on his website. He’ll be performing live at Hodi’s Halfnote in Fort Collins on May 29. And check out the video. - The Denver Post


When one thinks of the Colorado music scene, the hip hop genre may not be top of mind. However, as music momentum continues to build throughout our region, so does the appreciation for and exposure to hip hop, as well as the diversity of artists becoming known as major forces in the genre. We’re a “no coast” region, which is our first big difference in the hip hop world, classically associated with the east and west coastal areas of the US. But, like music in general, hip hop is rooted in storytelling, the blending of past and present, and the amalgamation of unique personalities and experience and this is a universal thread amongst artists, regardless of their background.

One emerging artist quickly moving to the forefront of the Colorado hip hop scene is Courier GT who has broken onto the scene in 2012. His first release, “Inspired,” provided a glimpse of things to come, offering infectious beats, hooks and poetic lyrics. Now, with a new mixtape, “Dear Winter,” Courier GT is on the rise and making headway through the often underground, yet booming hip hop scene.

As a go-to opener at Cervantes Masterpiece in Denver, Courier GT, with the help of DJ Jax-Zen and their crew called The Chroniklez, featuring other artists Docta Mario, Dubz Carter, Ena-G & Tommy Tantrum; they have opened for several national acts this year alone, including Nappy Roots, Shwayze and Collie Buddz. With the room packed to capacity and the lineups stellar, Courier GT has continued to stand out amongst his peers, constantly improving his flow, depth of lyrics, stage performance and overall audience appeal. The shows have been high in energy, quality and appeal. His relationship with DJ and fellow rapper, Jax-Zen, is one that dates back to high school in Laramie, WY, another perhaps unlikely breeding ground for quality hip hop, but that which produced the foundation of The Chroniklez crew now residing along the Front Range. Jax-Zen’s clever lyrics and quick wit, paired with an enigmatic stage presence and likability factor have made him the perfect complement to Courier’s rhythm and flow. Taking inspiration from such artists as J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nas and Lupe Fiasco, among many other artists and bands in all genres, Courier GT is gleaning from hip hop’s strong core, but carving out a unique style of his own.

One area Courier GT has differentiated himself and his music from other hip hop acts is in the “conscious and positive” message brought to his lyrics. Notes of inspiration, confidence, rising above negativity and some of the stereotypical messages in the hip hop realm, Courier GT strives for a message that is both inspired and clear. Seeking ideas from his life, as well as the people who surround him, commenting on society and events, and bringing forth a sharp and punctuated delivery of clever lyrics and memorable beats, the music has evolved from basic beginnings to true poeticism.

Up next for Courier GT is a string of shows in Fort Collins, as he expands his reach throughout Colorado. He’s on the lineup of the hip hop/rock showcase headlined by Wasteland Hop at Avo’s on June 6, performing at a private event June 15, and will be coming off the heels of an opening slot for Carlton Pride and Mighty Zion that wrapped at the end of May at Hodi’s. This is one act to pay close attention to, whose star is rising quickly and gaining the respect and notoriety from seasoned hip hop artists and fans. To check out the new mixtape “Dear Winter,” visit - Scene Magazine


I Come Around When I 1, 2 (2018)

Chilly Song (Single) (2018)

The Courier GT (LP) (2016)

Dear Winter (EP) (January 2014)



ICAWI12 now available on all platforms

"Released in May 2018, the twelve track project 'I Come Around When I 1, 2' is clearly Courier's best work to date.  The Rocky Mountain artist has been active since 2011 and has opened for many great hip hop acts including: 

Bone Thugz-N-Harmony

2 Chainz

The Lox

Zion I


Pharoahe Monch

The Pharcyde

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