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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Alternative


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"Courtesy Blush - Sweet Modern Fairy Tales"

A mix of driving punk-rock and raw-boned hardcore, Sweet Modern Fairy Tales is hands down one of the most invigorating releases I have heard in a long time.

Bands like Courtesy Blush motivate listeners to form their own bands. This Thornhill, Ontario, Canada outfit creates a sound that is as much jarring as it is melodic. Sweet Modern Fairy Tales contains great diversity, with each edgy track exploring numerous paths; they never seem to repeat themselves. Saw-toothed rhythms are always butting heads with ear-hooking melodies, and the impact of the two sparks hot glowing sounds that invigorates and enlivens the soul.

Courtesy Blush even gets a little technical, especially on the opening of the scorching "Love, Love," and the closer "A New Comedy" contains some potent metallic hardcore crunches, but overall, they consistency play lashing sonic rock that will furiously shake emotional reflections and troubled thoughts from your mind. "Starlight of Empty Nights" deeply affected me with its delicate intro, prodding guitar buildup, and a stunning hard-edged climax that had me constantly hitting repeat on my stereo. It definitely numbs the senses, leaving a vivid impression.

This is passion. This is punk-rock. Sweet Modern Fairy Tales will make you blush.

Intriguing, angst-ridden, and energetic, Sweet Modern Fairy Tales is an amazing release from start to finish. Ears that love the melodic dynamism of outfits like Spain's Standstill and Syracuse's Cru Jones, Courtesy Blush is an outfit you need to know. - Fake Train

"Courtesy Blush - Sweet Modern Fairy Tales"

This Canadian band may be on to something. The musical diversity within each member makes this album fun to listen to. Each song has a number of different and distinct parts, from soft, poppy rhythms to technical breakdowns similar to the likes of the Blood Brothers or Converge. It's nice to see a band breaking down the barriers between certain rival genres. The music speaks for itself, and by taking the chances that others wouldn't, I think that Courtesy Blush has a strong chance at making a strong showing in the US, just as they have done in Europe and their homeland Canada. I would recommend this album to fans of The Used, Saosin, Armor For Sleep and The Blood Brothers. - San Diego Punk

"Courtesy Blush - Sweet Modern Fairy Tales"

Who the fuck are Courtesy Blush and why haven’t I heard of them before? This was the thought in my mind when the eight-song Sweet Modern Fairy Tales started playing. One reason is that the Courtesy Blush five-piece plays north of the border and have only been around for a few years. Although, the band treads on a familiar angular punk-hardcore amalgam, they tackle their songs with enough innovation to deviate from the pack of apes and parallel some of the non-formed constructions of Kane Hodder. Probably more importantly, Courtesy Blush ram enough parts moving in different directions at once and from different sounds, that songs are consistently enjoyable. This is difficult, as most bands around this style are so incredibly boring that you want kill yourself. Consider the second track “Tonight Is To Die” as an example – the three-minute song plunges into metal, indie rock, punk and hardcore and makes all sound like they should be there. Although, Courtesy Blush may go too much into hardcore (e.g., “Love, Love”) to keep their gentle folk happy, kids from across the spectrum should love them. Courtesy Blush is the type of band that makes you excited about indie music again, and that someone is able to take tried and true sounds and build a sound that is both familiar and innovative at the same time. -

"Poised to turn a few heads..."

"A distinct brand of music that combines straight-up guitar-driven hard rock, prog-touches, with the swirly energy-fueled virtuosity of Radiohead or Muse. Poised to turn a few heads, this is a band that pulsates with brash, epic, soundscapes. Keep to your musical vision." - The Lonely Vagabond


Sweet Modern Fairy Tales - 2004
The Faces E.P. - 2007



Courtesy Blush formed in 2002 - high school friends Ben, Jon, Mat, and Pedja started getting together on the weekends to make whatever kind of music they wanted. The school week was painfully boring, after all.

After writing a handful of hardcore/punk/weirdo instrumental tracks, they decided they'd like someone to "sing" over these strange arrangements. Once this happened, Courtesy Blush played countless numbers of shows in Toronto and the GTA. In 2004 and 2005, they went on two European tours, gaining a small but loyal fanbase in France, parts of Spain, and parts of the UK.

Courtesy Blush wrote more than an album's worth of material in 2006 - all the while searching for a new vocalist after the departure of their original singer. With the induction of a new singer in late 2006, the band played extensively in Toronto and the GTA for most of 2007. However, this vocalist, too, did not pan out, and Courtesy Blush was left with the original four once again.

Tired of relying on another member, the band thought, "Hey, shouldn't Jon just sing? Yeah, Jon, you sing!" He had done a lot of the backup vocals in the past, anyways. The band thought this would be the best decision, and they were right.

After going to Montreal in late 2008 and early 2009 to record their first full-length record, Courtesy Blush finally has all the elements in the right place. At their most creative, energetic, and sincere, Courtesy Blush is ready make their mark.