Courtesy Drop

Courtesy Drop

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The sole purpose of this band is to do nothing but what we love to do; play passionate music. There's no standard or blueprint for our songs; we just write what we like, and then jam on it.

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Tylenol and Fireball

Written By: Paul Chalos

I can't take these headaches, they're so needless, so exhausting - I'm only trying to be a better man; I didn't know it'd be this taxing - but I'll pass on the pills and therapeutic sessions, I can fight through this on my own - I'm finding my way back to where I was before - - - Keeping my chin up high, walking tall, taking strides, I'm making this effort to better myself - I may need help, or I may be fine, but either way, it's just a matter of time before I make it out and get all this weight off my shoulders - - - It's not the same as before, so don't take my hand because all I know about where I'm going, is where I've been - But I know that I'm doing the best I can and that the struggle's worth it in the end - - - I'm taking back what I used to say, because I can make it another day, and if I'm wrong, well at least I tried hard enough to die satisfied

Blood of My Blood and Jam of My Jams

Written By: Paul Chalos

I'm taking this back from you, because you don't know what you're doing, and I can't watch as you destroy what so many tried to build - So why don't you do us all a favor and start swallowing your pride - We need to think and act for the good of the long run, because it's not like we have anywhere else to go - Let's leave a legacy, a thriving community, instead of similar ruins - - - If it's worth anything, I think we'll be alright - When it's all said and done, when all our time is gone, we'll know it was worth the fight - - - We're all getting older, but these rooms will live forever, so tell me what's the sense in hoarding them for ourselves? - What we need goes so far past double standards of respect and social ladders ranked in ignorance - - - It seems that we have finally come to terms, with who it is that we all strive to be, and even with the questions that still need answers, we're just living our lives proud and free - - - We're not giving up - We're not backing down - We've worked too hard for this, this is our sacred ground - We'll hold each other up as we rebuild and start anew - Making the world feel the impact when we finally break through - - - We're all family here

The Good Old Days

Written By: Paul Chalos

I can't wait for the end of the world - When everything goes back to black and white

High Ground, Low Expectations

Written By: Paul Chalos

We used to be happy, when we let ourselves tell us that we could do anything - We could have done anything - Maybe our hopes were misplaced - Maybe our love was too free, but at least we still trusted in living - And now we sit, a body of cynics, putting nothing but doubt into everything and everyone - We should have known we were going wrong when we called it 'growing older' - - - Now we're content with second best, in this dead-end town where we swore you'd never see us again - Because we gave up when things got hard - We weren't man enough to wear the scars like trophies - - - And now my feet are restless, and all I'm doing here is standing still - And your defeat is evident, but you're just fine because you're used to everything going downhill - - - But I'm not content like all the rest, and I'm getting out of this town while I still have the chance - I'll never give up when things get hard - I'm man enough to take the scars on proudly - - - Oh my God, what have you become? - Such a pathetic shell of yourself, working for nothing but the end - If I had known that it'd be ending like this, I would have saved you instead of hoping for the best


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