Courtesy Hours

Courtesy Hours


We're a young, diverse band from Madison, WI, using our own home recording equipment. Our music draws inspiration from bands such as Ben Folds, Styx, Dream Theater, and Barenaked Ladies. We pride ourselves on creative songwriting, tapping into a variety of genres that comprise our musical palate.


We're three students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who thoroughly enjoy music. Each member has distinct musical preferences, yet has great appreciation for almost every genre of music. Danny Mulligan gets his inspiration from progressive rock bands, such as Dream Theater and Pain of Salvation, who employ odd time signatures, soaring guitars, and complex song structures. While also really enjoying Dream Theater, Craig Hoffmann finds himself listening to bands such as Ben Folds and the Barenaked Ladies with their intricate piano work, up-beat melodies, and interesting harmonies. Adam Prinsen adds to this diverse range by enjoying the soothing melodies of Jack Johnson and the eclectic percussion arrangements of Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals' Leon Mobley. Courtesy Hours strives to harness these vastly different musical forces to produce genre-defying compositions, which are becoming a rarity in today's sad state of musical banality.

Check out these videos of Courtesy Hours live:

Fluid Dynamics
The General (Dispatch cover)
The Office Theme / Jam
Cats in the Cradle (Harry Chapin cover)

Set List

The Office Theme/Funk Intro, Cats in the Cradle (Harry Chapin), Light Up My Room (Barenaked Ladies), Don't Stop Believin' (Journey), All Along the Watchtower (Jimmi Hendrix), Fred Jones Part 2 (Ben Folds), The General (Dispatch), plus a few unreleased originals and a pop-song medley; set time can be whatever is necessary