Courtesy Murder

Courtesy Murder


Political punk rock with melodic pop sensibilities, influenced by the likes of Rancid, Bad Religion, and The Clash. Hard, catchy guitar riffs layered with thoughtful, socially and politically-minded lyrics. Versatile and radio-friendly, styled from 60s ska, 70s streetpunk, and 80s DC hardcore.


Courtesy Murder is a four-piece political punk rock band formed in 2004 in Atlanta, GA. Critically well-received and respected by old and young punk and alternative rock fans around the southeast, Courtesy Murder has become one of the staples of the Atlanta punk scene. Gaining notoriety through touring and local and internet radio shows like PunkRockalypse on Project 96.1 and I Don't Care on WRAS 88.5, Courtesy Murder has opened for many large national acts. In the past three years, Courtesy Murder has shared the stage with The Misfits, The Casualties, Street Dogs, NOFX, The Queers, H2O, and FEAR, just to name a few. With three full-length records to their credit and a fourth on the way in 2010, Courtesy Murder continues to get the word out and is a band on the rise.


Population Control - 2008
Life In A Red State - 2007
Straightforward - 2005

Courtesy Murder has several songs that have been played on internet and FM radio

Set List

Northbound Train
Captain America
Population Control
Kings And Presidents
Life In A Red State
Family Man
Dead In Douglasville
The Riddle
Throw The Switch
The Fastest Idiot
I'll Be Dead
Hot For Teacher (cover)

Sets are typically 30-45 minutes depending on time allotted