Courting Constantine

Courting Constantine


Andrew's live performance goes above and beyond the typical singer-songwriter's with his tasteful use of effects, diverse original material, and occasional loop station instrumental.


I have been playing shows since 2003 and continue to write and record new material. Live shows are typically solo acoustic, although I keep things interesting. I have plenty of material for multiple sets, but I love opening for more established acts as well. All booking requests will be considered so get in touch if your coffee house or bar is looking for an experienced act in 2010!
~Andrew C.


As the Neon Lights Fade

Written By: Andrew and Sarah Cornelius

The neon lights fall into sunrise
They've given away another song of mixed intentions
Chaos leaves and back it comes
Still there's something in the moment lingering

In the middle of them both, quiet and still
Almost feels like a wave of sadness
Hits me like a ton of bricks and I try not to breathe
As the neon lights fade

And fall into sunrise
Shining bright a new song and it's piercing
Chaos flees and shalom comes hastening
And the shadows move along, worn and weary


Written By: Andrew Cornelius

Seasons come and go, but I want you to know I'll always love you
Emotions ebb and flow, still I want you to know I'll always be there for you baby 'til death we part

Sometimes we run, sometimes we fall but the answer is forgiveness
It's got us moving on

Moving on... toward the light
And here I am complete with you by my side
Though waves will crash ashore, we'll hold our ground
Yeah, we'll stand the test of time for He's your's and He's mine our God


Hand-in-hand we walk this road and this forgiveness bridges the gaps and channels our humanity


Silent Invitation

Written By: Andrew Cornelius

I'm singing a song while the world is sleeping
Come on and sing along
Friend, can't you, can't you feel it in the air?

We're singing a song as this world is sleeping
Come on and sing along
People, can't you feel it in the air?

A silent invitation is going out to live our lives in love
And this silent invitation is calling out and I perceive her

Love is not some weak concept, nostalgic echoes of the 60's
It takes sacrifice and it's why we are here-- this narrow road


Let's sing this song together as one
Let's show this world some unity
Let's sing this song together as one
Let's stand in solidarity


New EP to be released 2010.

Set List

My sets are primarily comprised of original material, typically 3-5 minute songs on acoustic guitar. Depending on the venue, I may throw in some additional "intrigue"-- a song (or songs) on piano, singing or soloing over a backing track, performing an instrumental with my loop station, playing harmonica during a song, etc.