Courtney Audain

Courtney Audain


Coinhead Media Studios and producer Courtney Audain works with artists to create music and sounds that can inspire all generations towards love, fellowship, and inclusion.


Now an established US citizen, Courtney immigrated from Trinidad to New York in 1979. He followed the music to Austin, Texas in 1981, where he joined the popular reggae band Pressure. When the group disbanded in 1988, Audain joined the popular cover band and stage act TRIK TRAX before recording and performing with Chris Thomas King.

Next a fateful audition brightened his future when Courtney was selected for the coveted spot of bass player for Austin's popular group Timbuk 3, who shot into the national spotlight with the hit 'The Future's Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades). After Timbuk 3 disbanded in 1995, Courtney spent the next few years recording and performing with the internationally renowned group The Killer Bees. In early 2001 Courtney played bass and percussion with the legendary rhythm section Double Trouble and a star studded lineup on Austin City Limits. Courtney has also performed with Peter Rowan, Kurt Nuemann, Ian Moore, Charlie and Will Sexton, Root 1, Papa Mali and the Instigators, and numerous popular Austin musicians and bands.

Courtney is currently performing with Cyril Neville and Tribe 13 dubbed the "Chili Gumbo Band".


Just as life is a collection of many experiences and moments in time, the songs on this album give you a unique glimpse into Audain's passions, spiritual beliefs and his searching soul. His refusal to be pigeonholed by any single musical style has resulted in a tasteful disk that combines power pop and R & B with reggae and soul, along with plenty of stylish colors and nuances gained throughout his lifelong musical career.

Fuze is a stunning display of Audain's prowess as a songwriter, producer, singer and versatile musician. The combinations and changes of musical directions succeed in keeping the listener pleasantly off guard and wondering which persona is lurking around the next bend. Truly, this is music for lovers of sound and form.

Courtney Audain is the Entreproducer of Coinhead Media Studios. In addition to his impressive musical career, Courtney has over 20 years experience as a sound engineer and producer.

Set List

1. Singer Songwriter
2. Bands
3. MIDI Composers
4. Commercial jingles
5. Scoring music for film
6. Professional Voice Over recordings
7. Reggae
8. Soca
9. R&B
10. Pop
11. Folk
12. World Beat
13. Spiritual music

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