Courtney Chambers

Courtney Chambers

 Indio, California, USA

The songwriting skills of Elton John, the raw power of Janis Joplin, and the lyrical depth of Portishead.


C o u r t n e y  C h a m b e r s 
Courtney Chambers is a diverse artist who continues to push the boundaries and explore new musical territories.  Her ability to seamlessly play across genres makes it hard to pigeon-hole this singer/songwriter. 

In 2001, she formed her indie label Royal Daughter Records and went on to put out 4 records on her label.   Her debut album “Imperfect Like Me” (2001) is a stripped down, raw recording lightly layered with melodic guitar and sweet harmonies.  Her follow up record “Higher Places” (2004) she took on the daunting task of producing this album on her own with the help of band mate JohnPaul Trotter. “Higher Places” employed a full band exploring Chambers’ indie rock side. It made the airwaves on the KLOS “Local Licks” program and ushered in great reviews.  In 2005 she got together with Sean Hoffman (American Music Club, Bedroom Walls) and embarked on her 3rd studio record “Bigger and Brighter” (2007).  This record sonically pushed the boundaries of anything she had done before.  OC Register hailed it as “one of the best local releases of 2007..” 

After a very long period of 8 years, Chambers finally finished "Tales of the Aftermath" her 4th studio record and her most honest record to date.  She is performing in support of the record while "Tales" is receiving nationwide radio play and reviews.  

Courtney’s live performances are truly where her magic lies.  OC Weekly claims "...her true appeal is in soulful live performances, where she shines with starry brilliance." Known for her powerful and soulful vocals, Chambers delivers raw and genuine emotion to every performance. 


Chambers has performed solo acoustic and with her band at several venues including The Mint, House of Blues in LA, Room 5 in LA, The OC Fair in Costa Mesa, The District In Orange, The Block at Orange,  Arlene’s Grocery in New York City as well as the IPO Festival in Orange County and NYC.


Dog N Butterfly – The Ultimate Tribute To Heart

In addition to performing her original music, she joined the band Dog N Butterfly 2011-2016 – The Ultimate Tribute to Heart where she paid homage to the great female guitarist Nancy Wilson.  Performing at such venues as The OC Fair, Vee Quiva Casino,  Spotlight 29, Pala Casino, Hollister Concert Series as well as AXStv’s World’s Greatest Tribute Bands at The Whisky a Go Go, Dog N Butterfly delivers an incredible tribute to Heart.


Jasmine Fields – New Country

Country has also become a passion for Courtney Chambers, in 2010 she joined the new country band Jasmine Fields playing rhythm guitar, lead and backup vocals. Playing venues such as Pala Casino, Fantasy Springs, and opening for Gary Allen in Laughlin. 

“The L Word”
“Old Fashioned Love Song” was featured in this Showtime hit series.


“Sitting In Silence” and “Are You Ready?” were both featured in this indie film garnering many awards including Best Picture.




Are You Ready?

Written By: Courtney Chambers

Life Is A strange thing, we rearrange things to make the pieces fit. Haven't you noticed, this is the coldest that its been in years? I dont' recall anyone following the way back home. So medicated we get separated from all the things we know. Are you ready for a change? Cause I've been calling out your name. How many things does one human need to make their life complete? And they'll never tell you what they can't sell you is true joy and peace, but we want it all and its not enough to satisfy who's religion you're buyin, who's crucifying for the bottom line.
Are yoU Ready for a change? I've been calling out your name. ...
Well, its funny what people say, "Close your eyes or look the other way" if its easier for you...
All the things that money can buy, guaranteed to satisfy, but I've been in this thing for too YOu ready for a change? Cause I've been calling out your name....

I'm Ready To Go Now

Written By: Courtney Chambers

I found a place today in the sun. I found a life outside this web that I had spun and all the things I thought would come undone, they're still here. I never thought that I could love so purely in all the evil things my heart can be. You don't know would you mind, would you care what I'm thinking? That I'm ready to go now. I have to go now, and I'd love to stay but I can't stay here. All the words we speak they sing a melody and they will echo in my heart eternally, cause friends like us are rare, you must know I'm still here. I never thought that it could touch so deeply, into a place I thought was dead for sure. I hope you know who you love, where you go, I'm for you. But I'm ready to go now, I have to go now and I'd love to stay but I can't stay here. Everything now I see more clearly in all the ways that you opened me. I confess, I can't lie you're the first to convince me. But I'm ready to go now, I have to go now and I'd love to stay but I can't here.

Bigger and Brighter

Written By: Courtney Chambers

Billboards catch our eyes.
2 and 2 make 5 with our TV eyes soaking up our minds. Bigger and Brighter...I want more. Images I see medicating me, do you think I could be just like the girls on TV? Bigger and Brighter...I want more...

Old Fashioned Love Song

Written By: Courtney Chambers

Well I don't need much just this smile on my face. The words that I can speak with you making my heart just race. Yeah it may seem like a dream cause I've waited so long to finally come to a place to write a love song. All the words to speak me I'm keeping in my memory. Its never been quite like this and all the things I hoped that I would live to see well I've never seen beauty like this.


Written By: Courtney Chambers

Pick up pretty now, pick up pretty cause the boys are all waiting. Pick up pretty now pick up someone who will make you feel beautiful. I know I'm beautiful with or without someone on me. They don't see you like I do, look in the eyes of a radiant soul. Pick up pretty now, pick up someone who is worth your attention pick up someone who is worth your affection. I know I know but there's something 'bout the way he moves me. They don't see you like I do, there's something so honest and true about you. Pick up pretty now.

Pencil and Paper

Written By: Courtney Chambers

You know me so well, I know I tell my secrets too soon. Clearly you can't sell and I know I"ll have to figure this out. Pencil and Paper will capture the faces in this journey of our souls. Alternate breathing wondering and waiting how this story will unfold. Taking a break from this marathon of love I've run. Hitting the pavement, this girls come undone. Pencil and Paper will capture the faces in this journey of our souls. ALternate breathing, wondering and hating how this story got so old. I feel you by my side....

Wasting Time

Written By: courtney chambers

I've been hanging on your words
Million dollar phrases tangled up in verse
If you'd like some company
Put your feet up on the dash and come with me
Cuz tonight we have to be no where just take flight hen there's something in the air you just might forget what isn't fair and I don't mind wasting time with you
I'm a certain cup of tea
My ideas don't fit necessarily but open up your mind and breathe this could be something well within our reach so tonight we have to be no where just take flight when there's something in the air you just might forget what isn't fair and I don't mind wasting time with you


"Imperfect Like Me" - 2001
"Higher Places" - 2004
"Bigger and Brighter" - 2007

"Tales of the Aftermath" -2015

Set List

Find My Way
Bigger and Brighter
Pencil and Paper
Forget The Gloom
Fool In Me
I'm Ready To Go Now
Are YOu Ready?
Old Fashioned Love Song
Melt With YOu
Stayin Alive

Extraordinary Lives

Fool In me

The Bitter End

Love and Music

Wasting Time

Stayin Alive
What's Going On?
Melt With You