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Great Day For Love

Written By: Courtney T. Stribling

Great Day For Love
By Courtney Tiana

Verse 1:
Funny how whatever we need
God puts it in our path
The love you need
Is the love I have
For this moment I’ll thank you
For the rest of our time
Your love fills me up
Puts my mind at ease
The angels smile upon us
Roses fall at our feet
As we unite our hearts as one
My joy you will always be

Pre Hook:
In this world where happy turns sad
And good loses to bad
Our love has conquered all
Our love has conquered all

It’s a great day for love
I’m standing here with you
Pledging my love forever
Forever will be true
It’s a great day for love
Want to share my life with you
The Angels are singing
My heart is quickly beating
My dream has come true

Verse 2:
Our love will never fail
Our faith will endure
With you by my side
I feel so secure
Those days I spent alone
I was preparing for you all along
You are my heaven here on earth
Your name my favorite song
Our love hopes, believes, dreams, succeeds
Carries us through the storm
I treasure what we share
No other love could compare

Pre Hook


We’re standing here
Holding hands
Looking in your eyes
Makes me melt every time
Seemed like this day would never come
When our souls would become one
An eternity of your love
Does not seem so very long
I honor you with this ring
This song for you I sing
You’re God’s greatest gift to me
More than I ever dreamed