Courtney Wing

Courtney Wing

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Expect a heart wilting performance by Courtney Wing and his symphonic ensemble which includes members from the Bell Orchestre, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Arcade Fire, and choral fixings from the mouths of 10 angelic choir singers. This show will blow away even the most soul nourished of beings.


Courtney Wing - Bio

Courtney Wing invites his listeners into a compelling world of carefree and unpretentious humanity. Adept instrumentation and a strong and resonant vocal style backed by a 5-piece band that consists of members from ground-breaking bands Belle Orchestre, Arcade Fire, and Godspeed! You Black Emperor as well as an 10-piece opera collective called Liederwolfe. Together, this dynamic group contributes to Wing’s compositions with symphonic textures so rich they melt even the most bitter-struck hearts.

Since the group’s formation, Wing accepted an invitation by the CBC to play an exclusive performance for an intimate audience at a local Montreal studio. The concert would be recorded and featured on the home page of CBC Radio 2’s ‘Concerts on Demand’. Since its posting last year, the performance has aired nationally numerous times on various CBC programs.

Following their national radio debut, Wing took the NXNE conference by surprise with a triumphant showcase where the group not only played to a packed house but also graced the cover of NOW Magazine and received the critic’s choice nomination for ‘bands not to be missed’. They have since been granted artist feature articles in the Montreal Voir, Montreal Mirror, Toronto NOW, SOCAN's Words and Music, and the Montreal Gazette. Such high appraise has landed Wing and company a Canadian record deal with Bonsound Records and has put him at the forefront of one of the most talked about acts on the Canadian music scene. As well as performing at numerous festivals, Wing and his gang of many have also showcased at the International Folk Alliance, SXSW, New Music West, Transmission, Pop Montreal, and CMJ.

Wing continued to perform to audiences across Canada with either his complete ensemble, or as a more paired down version. He passed the coming months composing new material for his ensemble and preparing the release of his third album ‘Bouquet of Might and Fury’ – released in February, 2010.


A brief look into the past ….
Raised in a multi-cultural family in Vancouver, B.C. (born to a Chinese Father and Russian and Icelandic Mother), Courtney’s first musical experiences ranged from playing traditional Chinese percussion for kung fu demonstrations to singing and dancing with members of the local Icelandic folk community. Wing continued to develop his musical education in his early twenties by traveling to Belize where he played in a reggae band and to the South of France where he learned and played flamenco in a busking dance group. In 2004, Wing relocated to his resident city Montreal where continues to pursue his musical endeavours. Lorraine Carpenter of Exclaim Magazine describes Courtney as a “nomadic singer-songwriter who has gathered a pocketful of local color at every stop.”

Since the beginning of his professional career in 2001, Wing has completed three albums - ‘For the Good Times’ (2001), ‘Starlight Shuffle’ (2005)(distributed by Maple Music), and 'Bouquet of Might & Fury' (2010)

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The Cruel of Fair

Written By: Courtney Wing

Colors blend for you dear friend
To make one color the kind that tends
To shade, to blur, to tone
Those empty spaces full

Steal the late
Such simple pace
Foiling thoughts
Sketching shapes
The sweet, the warm, the kind
And comfort, seem pretty right

Oh, tender boy, so sincere
Fond, our hearts grow, drawing near
But, love I find, hard to share
Seems, distant pain, holds it dear

Timing shifts its weight again
Balance leans
Contrast wins
The pain, the cruel, the harm
A steady sense of wrong

Dear, hear these now,
Simple words
Through, this ordeal
Caution sides
Care for yourself
Piece of mind
Hurt, turns to heal
In due time


Written By: moi - Monsieur Courtney Wing

Girl rides
On bike by
Breeze goes
Skirt rise high
The birth of Spring time
From winter’s dull light

Colors blend
Chances rise

Girl sits
Third floor high
A ginger lime dry
Moments from her life
Think I’ll
Try and catch her eye

Colors blend
Chances rise

Oh dear, colors come to blend
Guilty pleasures
Fill all
Lust rises and answers to call

Colors blend
Chances rise

Girl fair
At café side
There’s flavor in her smile
Hard Not
To be so shy
Hope I / Think I’ll
Can share with her awhile

Colors blend
Chances rise
Chances rise


Bouquet of Might and Fury - Album 2010
Starlight Shuffle - Album - 2005
For the Good Times - Album - 2001

Set List

Here is a typical set list for Courtney's Performance.
Approx. 75 mins.

The Cruel of Fair - Original
Weather - Original
Social Grace - Original
Death of a Train - Daniel Lanois
Close to Me - The Cure
Bluffing Face - Original
Celebration - Original
Jacky Moon - Original

- Encore -

The Cruel of Fair - Original
Chloe - Original

- 2nd Encore -

Bluffing Face - Original