Cousin Sleaze

Cousin Sleaze

 Brooklyn, New York, USA



Cousin Sleaze are a 4-piece  band from New York City. These non-role models have been self  releasing/DIY touring across the country since 2012, and have drawn comparison by most helpless patrons of wherever they play/bum people out as a weird mixture of Meshuggah, Rollins-era Black Flag, and NYC hardcore bands of yesteryear.  With multiple EP releases in 2013 & 2014, along with a previous split 7" released in 2013 w/Pittsburgh's Sludge Hardcore band Slaves BC, the Sleaze bro's have kept up a steady pace of new unique music since their inception.  Another 3 song EP is  scheduled for vinyl release on Buried but Breathing records in early summer 2014, which will take their intrinsic take on heavy music even deeper down the rabbit hole. Upcoming shows with He is Legend, Vision of Disorder, & Enabler and a new music video released in 2014 look to further establish Cousin Sleaze as a force/fungus in the metal scene.  In rage we trust.


Set List

We'll play for as long as you'll let us, but generally we're asked to play a 25 to 30 minute set.