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Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
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""Cousin Affect is the Best Hip-Hop Band West of Philadelphia.""

Cousin Affect, is the best hip-hop band west of Philadelphia. They present us with rhymes, vocals, and a full live band sound. They aren’t talking about clubbing, lusting, and how much money they spend in a given moment. Their goal is inspire, encourage, and uplift. Cousin Affect gives us a bit more than the typical hip-hop group that graces the airwaves these days. I enjoyed the laid back sound of “Where I Go”. Jessica holds her own with the vocals on this track amongst the fellas.

You can hear more of their focus on the track “Atmosphere”. Here are a few lyrics from this song, “Time to fight the feeling and resist the temptation that’s been killin’ this generation, that’s dealing with fascinations so in love with the earth, and all the things it brings…” Cousin Affect has a funky, creative old school vibe. Real music is missing these days and this band brings a hefty dose of greatness. I recommend you check them out, and hear exactly what I’m talking about. - I Am Entertainment Magazine

"2009 "Live Performer of the Year""

2009 "Live Performer of the Year" - Phoenix Music Awards

"2010 Arizona Battle of the Bands - 1st Place"

Arizona Battle of the Bands - Arizona Battle of the Bands

"National Grand Prize Winner - Rock The Highway Song Contest"

National Grand Prize Winner - Rock The Highway Song Contest - Midas & Spin Magazine

"" a genre all by themselves""

Cousin Affect possesses that rare combination of old school rhythm and blues and new school hip hop that puts them in a genre all by themselves, I expect Cousin Affect to be a force in pop music today.

Jude LaCava
FOX 10 Sports Anchor - Jude LaCava, FOX 10 Sports Anchor, Phoenix, Az

""..Taking music in a new direction.""

Cousin Affect is a hot Arizona band who has repeatedly shown stellar professionalism while at the same time, taking music in a new direction. If you are looking for a group with mass appeal and soul…look no further!

Carolyn Reyes
Director of Entertainment
Entertainment Solutions - Carolyn Reyes, Director of Entertainment, Entertainment Solutions

"Cousin Affect just brings "it"!"

In a day and age where Musicianship has nothing to do with the sucess of a band....there is one band that understands how to take outstanding muscianship, mix it with a positive message and hit you right in the face. I have had the pleasure of working with Cousin Affect in different settings and I am always amazed at the combination of jazz, funk, hip-hop, R & B and Regea that reaches out and grabs you. In a line up of 20 bands at a recent event Cousin Affect was refreshing and brought the house down with a style of music that should be named after them. Whether I'm working with them as a headliner or a band in a lineup, I am always amazed and excited to hear them. I am happy and proud to have them represent the 2010 Battle of the Bands as this years winner. - Reed Richins Operations Manager-McMurray Communications Owner-Double-R-Sound Inc

""Cousin Affect is a verb, not a noun.""

Cousin Affect is a verb, not a noun. Although it is the name of a dynamic, lyric inspiring, make you feel good band, Cousin Affect’s music resonant deep inside you. It is a dynamic combination of jazz, funk, r&b, hip hop and folk, all bundled up and blasted out to make you feel good. Regardless of gender, age or ethnicity, Cousin Affect will affect you. They leave a sound in your heart that creates a constant tapping of the foot and, in some cases, singing in the shower. If you have not experience the “affect” you need to open your eyes and catch them when they are playing in your area.
This is a band that is going someplace. They have touched the souls of many in a positive and enjoyable way. Their lyrics send a message that all can relate to. Not only do they perform music and lyrics of humbleness and positivity, they live it. In all my 35 years of being associated with the musical industry I am hard pressed to think of a band, genre or style like Cousin Affect. Their music inspires the soul, touches the heart and makes you think about going to a place that makes you feel good.
- Joseph Lee, Owner, We Can't Lose, LLC

""An Exciting Rarity in Today's Music Landscape..""

Cousin Affect is an exciting rarity in today's music landscape. Their funky, progressive, and downright mesmerizing hip hop sound showcases both the group's positive vibe and incredible talent. In an age where over-sampled songs are increasingly pumped from laptops and tweaked endlessly in the studio, Cousin Affect creates their complex and compelling sounds the good ol' fashioned way - by actually having a musician behind each instrument. The result is not only a more genuine and integrated sound, but an absolutely killer live performance. In our experience as promoters, the sights and sounds of Cousin Affect's eight (and sometimes more) members performing on stage has always brought the house down. The fact that the group also manages to carry themselves professionally, despite their numbers, makes them true pleasure to work with. - Nemesis Entertainment


Fresh Foreword >> (Cousin Affect) - November 2010
Brothers Under the Sun (Cousin Affect) - June 2007
Attention to Detail (Mike Woods) - July 2005



Cousin Affect is Mike Woods (Keyboards, Guitar, Turntables, and Vocals); Kelsey Madsen (Lead Vocals); Isaac Fletcher (Percussion); Nick Fane (Bass Guitar); James Hammond (Saxophone). All five members of the group reside in the Chicago area and are looking to represent their city through positive and progressive music.

Mike started creating music in 2003. Without the most top of the line equipment, he began learning how to make the most of what he had. With his studios limited to the corners of his bedrooms, he started working towards a full length album. After two years of work, he came out with his first album entitled “Attention to Detail” in July of 2005 under his solo name M. Woods. It was that summer he began working more frequently with emcee Daniel Stanton (who appeared on a few tracks of “Attention to Detail”). Early in 2006, the duo claimed the name Cousin Affect. The name was inspired by the group’s collective vision. In June of 2007, with the addition of Scott Cheaney, the trio released “Brothers Under the Sun.”

From June of 2007 to February of 2008, the trio performed as mostly emcees. Given their musical abilities, Scott and Mike decided to expand to a full live band to enhance the live show. With the additions of Tim Mngodo, Demetrius Riley, and Dan King, the group performed their first live show in May of 2008. They then joined forces with outstanding vocalist Jessica Thomas in September of 2009 to complete the family. Cousin Affect gained fans’ respect in the Valley rapidly from the minute they hit the stage. In March of 2009, Cousin Affect was named Live Performer of the Year in Phoenix.

After three more years of playing live and touring, the Phoenix lineup came to an impasse. The original members no longer had the time to commit to the fast growing project and wished Woods well as he relocated to Chicago to round up a new group of players. The new lineup is filled with talent and great people and have spent the first half of 2013 perfecting the energy started in the original group.

The Music

Cousin Affect’s music is a compelling mix of genres. It is a powerful and unique style resulting from their wide range of musical appreciation. By using common blues progressions and funky chord arrangements, Cousin Affect is able to achieve a sound able to make all generations groove. They pay homage to the roots of music by drawing from it inspiration only. They draw their energy from the live and funky vibe. With glimpses of blues, funk, reggae, jazz, rock, and the lyrical style of hip hop, Cousin Affect has truly captured an original style to call their own. It is aged yet still modern. Clean without the sugar coat. Intelligent and still accessible. Raw yet still precise.

The Inspiration

Cousin Affect is influenced by many talented artists old and new. The group’s dynamic range of musical taste adds to the unique sound of their own music. These influences include, but are not limited to, these individual artists or groups: Ozomatli, Dave Matthews Band, Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, G Love and Special Sauce, Fat Freddy's Drop, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Jackson, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, Ray Charles, Al Green, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Roger and Zapp, Grand Funk Railroad, Parliament, Sly and the Family Stone, Gift of Gab of Blackalicious, Vursatyl of Lifesavas, Jurassic 5, Beastie Boys, Cut Chemist, Numark, Chief Xcel, Rage Against the Machine, and Pink Floyd.