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Cousin Fungus

Port Washington, New York, United States

Port Washington, New York, United States
Band Rock Jam


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"Local CDs"

The Artist: Cousin Fungus
The Disc: "Thoughts of a Moth"
Performance: A
Songwriting: A
Sound Quality: A

Given Cousin Fungus' past as a Phish cover band one might expect "Thoughts of a Moth" to be a rehash of Burlington's best. But aside from the obvious. Phish-like joy Cousin Fungus takes in just playing together, the bands debut CD sounds more like a tribute to 70's bands such as Traffic, The Doobie Brothers, Allmans and Jimmy Buffet.
If you can get past the earnest earthiness of the lyrics (sometimes, also Phish and Grateful Dead style, the band turns to outside writers, including one names Gummy) and all their references to field mice, Ulysses and simple pleasures, song such as, The "Beggar at the Manor" and "Mad E. Mac is loose" quickly become hummable anthems that stick in the head.
Matching the strong melodies is Cousin Fungus' protean gift for ensemble playing. Though the throwback vibe is strong, Cousin Fungus makes a strong argument for the return of the jam band. They've updated the collective trip for the next generation of, dare we say it, fungusheads. ---
by Isaac Guzman
- NightBeat, Newsday

"It's Cousin Fungus On Top of LI's Heap"

There was a Fungus among us at Friday's Long Island Music Festival finals. And it won.
Cousin Fungus, a feel good foursome from Port Washington, came to the South Beach Water Club in Island Park for the sixth annual festival's finale not expecting to place against the eight other semifinalists. By by 2:15 a.m. the 13 judges-including record store and studio managers and a representative from Elektra Records- picked their winner, musch to Fungus singer-keyboardist Dennis Belline's amazement. - NightBeat, Newsday

"LI Sounds/Cousin Fungus/THOUGHTS OF A MOTH"

So you want ultra-tight, complex jamming? Two words, one group: Cousin Fungus, heir apparent to LI's improvisational throne since the Tricksters have hit the road. Many of you knew the Port Washington quartet back when they were Stash, playing ballsy versions of Phish tunes. Gigging weekly at Huntingon's New York Ave, this all-original incarnate has honed a stylish, jazzy backbeat(thanks to quad-stringer Tom and the galloping percussion of Chris, two-thirds of the Stanziale brothers)loaded with heady grooves and cosmic rhythms. Fueled by Dennis Belline's superb keyboard antics and heated vocals, Fungus leads its listeners down an eclectic path of drunken blue-watered-beach-vibes ("Mad E. Mac is Loose"), bouncing genesis-tales ("Low Tide High") and Henry Stanziale's guitar-comping on the Belline-penned instrumental "Drift." These psychedelic monsters are rampaging across the Isle, so catch them before they head west for some major-label blood.
By Ian D'Giff - Long Island Voice

"LI Music Scene/Cousin Fungus/The Wrong Way Inn, Amityville"

The Wrong Way Inn is quickly becoming one of the hot new places to see live music on the South Shore of Long Island. Cousin Fungus, winner of the Long Island Music Fest, brought their show into the Amityville club and like two great tastes that taste great together-it seemed that Dennis, Thomas, Christian and Henry could do no wrong on the night to be sure.
Cousin Fungus is three brothers and Dennis Belline Jr. Classically trained on piano and voice he adds a poignant and elegant element to the quartet. Thomas Stanziale on bass, is the eldest of the 3 brothers. He favors the 5 string bass and is the second voice in the three part harmonies. The middle brother Christian on drums and percussion along with Thomas complete the rhythm section. The youngest of the brothers Henry is considered the most "free spirited" of the four players and is the third harmony voice and in fact completes Cousin Fungus with his guitar work that is at time as fiery and unbridled as Hendrix and at others is as rudimentary as any great blues man.
Their music is a melting pot of Reggae, Disco, Country, Blues, Jazz, Rock Folk, and Electric theater. Although it would be easy to simpley dismiss them as Phish wanna-be's or Dead Head devotees that just wouldn't be fair to their unique and infectiuous sound. The nights entertainment was sprinkled with new songs, old songs, and some interesting covers. Judging by the audience's reaction Cousin Fungus is worth all the praise the critics and reviews have been giving them since and prior to the contest. - The L.I.E.


" Thoughts Of A Moth"
Debut album released in 1998 recorded and mastered professionally at Tiki Studios.
Mad E. Mac is loose
Corner of My Eye
"Share the Air"
Second album released in 2002
Share the Air
Ninth Step

Cousin Fungus has been played on "Jam On" Sirus Satalite radio.

Plethra of college radio. Just to name a few Stonybrook, CW Post, Gettysberg, Hofstra, Ect......



... Who’s Who?

The band is comprised of three brothers and a longtime childhood friend. The four talents merge together, sometimes seamlessly in a smooth groove, and others explosively with friction and electricity. Either way, their show is always an unpredictable and exciting ride for the audience. Their tone is remarkably wide for a four-piece, and luminal lyricist & Lighting Director Shaun Mangan helps to enhance and complete the show...

Dennis Belline, Jr.- Lead Vocals / Keyboards
Dennis (Denwaass) is the “adopted fourth brother of the family,” and the eldest member of the band. Trained in piano and vocals by his father at a very young age, he continued to study music into his later school years. He joined the band while entering Brooklyn Law School. Although Dennis graduated with honors and passed the New York State Bar Exam, Dennis could not pass-up the rare opportunity to work with these remarkably talented and deeply committed brothers. His searing vocals, intense musicianship, and discerning ear have helped define their sound.

Thomas Stanziale -Bass Guitar / Vocals
Thomas (Turbo) is the eldest of the three Stanziale brothers, and was the driving force behind starting the band. Although Thomas held a lucrative position trading currency atop the World Trade Center, he could not deny his true focus was always on the music he made. It didn’t take long before he devoted his efforts toward his brothers and the band. Thomas’s creativite energy permeates the band’s original material, and his talents, both vocally and on the five-stringed bass, give the band an engine for boundless live exploration.

Christian Stanziale -Drums / Percussion
Chris (Bach) defies description. His unorthodox drumming style makes him an enigma to many players. Left handed and right footed, he pilots his custom kit through wild poly-rythms, contagious grooves and explosive fills. His unwavering work ethic makes him the most musically demanding member of the band. Born one year to the day after his older brother Thomas, Chris has an uncanny, almost psychic ability to telegraph his moves before they happen, making the rhythm section one of the tightest, most connected you’ll see live.

Henry Stanziale, Jr. -Guitar / Vocals
As the youngest brother and bandmember, Henry (Hank) is the most free-spirited of the four players. Unafraid to challenge the rest of the band, he enjoys taking chances both on stage and in the studio. After just one show, anyone can see that Hank is channeling spirits from another place, writhing back and forth as the music reaches its climax. Adding to this frenzy a gritty third harmony voice, Henry completes the equation for a truly awesome and unique live musical experience.