These days in the music industry, everything sounds the same. Cove has strived to stop that and has created a unique blend of music for everyone ranging from powerful acoustic ballads,hardcore arena rock,to electronica filled power choruses!All catchy in their own aspect!


We are 6 individuals with different views and abilities that we share together. we have all branched together from different musical aspects and genres. Most of us have been accostumed to playing indie and post hardcore rock while the other half were used to creating catchy tunes with extreme radio potential. through several discussions and what we believed was lacking in the music scene, we were able to put together a group that would bring the creative ambition of a new generation of music into the limelight. the fans have responded witha a big online following and an ability to pull in fans from out of the area just so they can watch Cove perform live. Cove is obviously doing something right and in their fans opinions "ready to shake up what was expected in mainstream music!".
We've recently had the chance to boogie with:TAKE ACTION TOUR, Milwaukee @ The Rave)Scary Kids Scaring Kids, A Static Lullaby, Emery, Kaddisfly,Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. We are currently ranked number 1 out of 45 bands in Illinois for the top spot on this years "ernie ball stage" for Warped tour in Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI. Email a friend and tell them to check out Cove!


1a. The Noises You Hear the First Night in Your New House (Cove's first full length Album). released independently through Cove.

1b. The Milwaukee demo (sold only for one night at The Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

2. ( is streaming
-They're on to You
-Son you're A Sailor (It's in your blood)
-The Aftermath
3.Ernie Ball Warped Tour Contest page is streaming
- They're on to You
- Son you're a Sailor (It's in your blood)
- The Aftermath
- This House is A DeathTrap
- Roses Incarnadine

Set List

2.This House is a Death Trap
3.Dinner and a Movie with my Shadow (We're Serious about This!)
4.The Omen
6.They're on to You
7.Son, You're A Sailor (It's in your Blood)
8.Downtown keeps it's Secrets
Bonus song- Symmetry