Covenant 31

Covenant 31


We want our music to be encouraging, convicting, and showing the majesty of the One True God. Our lyrics will always give The Word, which is the only way man can be saved. "We are not ashamed of the Gospel which is the power of God to salvation!"


In 2008, before we started playing music together we sought the Lord through prayer. We wanted to make sure that we were doing what God wanted us to. So we met for several consecutive weeks and prayed until we received a confirmation. From that point on, we knew that God wanted us to have a music ministry. That is our goal now, to use the talents that God has blessed us with to further His Kingdom on earth and bring people closer to him, no matter what scale, big or small.

Patrick and Heather Eddolls are the main vocalists and were saved in 1994 after a lifestyle of drugs, immorality, and darkness. Patrick and Heather use to play music in the local bars, until Christ pulled them from the kingdom of darkness, into the Awesome KINGDOM of light.

Amen - to God be the Glory!

Patrick Eddolls is the main songwriter and acoustic guitar player and is a worship leader for his church Living Faith Christian Center in Prescott Valley and has written most of the Covenant31 songs. He owns and operates a computer repair business to support his wife and 3 children.

Heather Eddolls is a lead singer as well as a back-up vocalist. She is married to Patrick and runs the computer business with him. She also home schools her 3 children. Heather also writes music for Covenant31.

Dave Schreiber is the lead guitarist. He works as the Production Director and co-host of the "First Light" morning show at Radio Shine/KGCB in Prescott, Arizona.

Zack Wallace is the Keyboardist. He periodically plays drums and keyboards for Harvest Bible Chapel.

Steve Rivera is the bass player, and when he is not with the band or playing on the worship team at Living Faith, he is a Police Officer for the Yavapai County located in AZ.

Jared Haxton is the drummer, and is a graduated senior at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He leads worship at Cornerstone Church in Prescott, AZ, and works part time doing construction and/or computer programming with a family member.


Man On the Cross

Written By: Patrick Eddolls

You’ve been walking all alone, trying to do this on your own

Life has made your well run dry, trapped beneath this iron sky

He faced Calvary all alone,
He bore a sin debt not His own

He gave His Life up willingly, so He could purchase you and me

See the Man Upon the Cross, shed blood for you, His grace can set you free. So lay your burden down, see what you’ve been missing, Heaven’s open wide, won’t you come inside, and run into His arms,
And You’ll find, all that you’ve been looking for.
Jesus is all that you’ve been looking for

Don’t you know He died for you, He took your curse upon the tree.

If you will call upon His Name, He will surely set you free


(Bridge X2)
The grace, the peace, the hope, the light, The love, and faith, and strength, In His might

(Interlude)(Chorus X2)

He’s all your looking for.

He’s lifted up, lifted up, lifted up, See the man on the cross
The grace, the peace, the hope, the light, The love, and faith, and strength, In His might

He’s all your looking for.


Covenant31 EP has been released. "1st release of Man on the Cross" is being played on over 500 radio stations right now with CRW Radio Promotions. Many stations have picked up all of our songs on different stations.

"Man on the Cross new release", will hit radio Feb 22, 2010 with Billboard.

Man on the Cross being picked up by Billboard now!

We are playing at Spirit West Coast - Del Mar this year. May 28th and 29th.

Set List

Here is a typical set list. A full concert is 1.5- 2 hours. We do covers based upon what is asked of us. Some typical covers are included in this set.

You Alone – Covenant31

Joy Song – Covenant31

Free Indeed – Covenant31

Man on the Cross – Covenant31

Unbelievable Grace – Covenant31

Where Can I Go – Covenant31

Changed – Covenant31

Unto the King – Covenant31

SOS – Covenant31

Astounding Love – Covenant31

Lead Me To the Cross – Brooke Fraser

Hosanna – Hillsong

Stronger – Hillsong

Mighty to Save – Hillsong

Praise Adonai – Paul Baloche

Let It Rise – Big Daddy Weave

Many Many more