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"Covenant of One to perform tonight for fundraiser"

Posted Apr 14, 2009 @ 11:48 AM

Local band Covenant of One will be performing tonight at CiCi's Pizza at New Philadelphia from 4 to 8 p.m. The group is based out of New Philadelphia and regularly performs at the Christian Lighthouse Church. Proceeds from the concert will benefit the church's youth group.

Members of the band are D.J. Hans, Robert Fatheringham, Corey McNutt, Nick Barkan, Paul Gore and Jason Stephens. Videos and music are available at the band's MySpace page at

Source: Mary Stevenson
- The Times-Reporter


Covenant of One's debut album, Lily of the Valley, plays on the internet through various channels like MySpace, iLike,, and
Their re-release of the title track Lily of the Valley has been chosen for a national compilation set for release April 2009 titled Unified by Grace. Cd's will be available for purchase in stores nationwide like Wal-Mart and Target as well as most digital retailers Itunes, Napster, and Rhapsody just to name a few. Proceeds from the United by Grace compilation will go to Malaria efforts in Uganda.



We're an honest to goodness Christian band who is led by God's inspiration in our daily lives. Spirit- filled and driven to reach the lost, our talents lie in evangelism through music. Electric guitar meets acoustic melody, not to mention, electric violin and meaningful lyrics. All Glory to God.
Covenant of One actually formed in February 2007 when singer/songwriter D.J. Hans met bass player Robert Fatheringham. At the time Hans was dating his soon to be wife and best friend of Fatheringham's wife when they realized their common bond through music and became friends. When Hans first was introduced to guitar player Nick Barkan at the local Wal-Mart, He believed God spoke to him and said Nick was going to be their guitar player. At that time Nick was learning bass guitar and was not an accomplished guitar player. Hans had no prior knowledge at the time to Nick's musical ability. The same thing happened again when Corey McNutt met Hans. They had to cancel a double date their significant others set up the night prior at a local bowling alley. That night Hans dropped a bowling ball on his foot. The next day when McNutt met Hans in a church service for the first time they joked about Hans' limp that morning. God spoke again to D.J. and told him that Corey would be in the band. Corey learned to play the drums privately over the course of the year.
In August of 2007 Hans married his lovely wife Erin and both Barkan and Fatheringham were his groomsmen. However their power amp the day of the wedding overheated just an hour before the ceremony. D.J. , Nick , and Robert made a last minute hustle deep in Amish Country to purchase a power amp to save the wedding reception. The following week they had their first practice. Three weeks later they invited Corey to join in and see if he would like it.
After nine months D.J. and Erin gave birth to their lovely daughter Bethany Rain. Erin at the time was persuading her husband to add 17 year old Paul Gore to the mix. D.J. was adamant not to add the charismatic young guitarist.However, one evening service May 18, 2008 while at the altar, Hans was praying with Paul. At that exact moment Paul received the Holy Ghost, God spoke to D.J. once again. He said, " Now you can use Paul."
Hans met Jason Stephens at his job in July 2008. Several months had gone by and the two became friends at work. At the time, Stephens played for a secular band as lead vocalist and guitar. D.J. invited Jason to visit a church service one Sunday morning September 28, 2008. While praying at the altar Erin, D.J.'s wife told him to ask Jason if he wanted to get baptized. Upon coming out of the water Jason was completely converted and full of the Holy Spirit. Hans however struggled with adding Jason to the band lineup. Because of personal desire to have Jason take his role at guitar in the band, Hans couldn't clearly decide if God was speaking to him or if he himself was thinking it in prayer to add the newest addition. One morning while in the shower God spoke again to Hans very clearly. He said, " Very soon." Which excited D.J. and also left him wondering as to when. Because Hans couldn't hear God past his own desire, the Lord then used the mouths of three witnesses to confirm to Hans the next day to add Jason. Their pastor told his wife while on the phone with Hans' wife Erin to tell D.J. to add Jason to the band. D.J. Immediately knew God was using witnesses to speak to him through the Holy Spirit as confirmation of adding Jason Stephens to the group. For nearly a month Hans struggled with deciphering God's instruction from the will of the flesh because he wanted Stephens in the band. Hans at least knew to wait and be patient until God would speak clearly about the matter.
Since then they have formed a new sound of Christian music, lyrics which are prayerful, instructional, and full of truth. Songs which grip the heart and convict the soul, while giving the listener easy instructions to pray, meditate and to worship in. Designed not only for the saved, but geared to finding the lost, building the kingdom of God. The band has itself transformed almost overnight into a revival band. In such a short time, these men have formed an indivisible camaraderie through their common belief, church, and vision to reach lost souls.
The sound that follows the group is hard-hitting and honest worship, with a rock band vibe. Their use of electric guitars and acoustic finger-picking at the same time gives them the rock rhythm with a clean acoustic sounding melody. The use of electric violin and twelve-string guitar gives them a cutting-edge singularity which defines their artisanship as a whole. Their unique collaboration with the percussion and bass flow through the music seamlessly giving them the complete sound.