COVEN [metal]

COVEN [metal]


With a riff style similar to a chompier Slayer, this band were out to destroy all through a no-frills, meaty thrashing and a mockery of all things Holy.

Coven were not a complicated band. The formula is very simple: write riff, and clobber. Write another riff, and clobber some more.


Seattle's COVEN [metal] remain as one of the earlier and more notorious shock-comedy-Thrash bands. Originally just named Coven, they formed in the mid 1980's just north of Seattle Washington. The classic lineup featured Dean Babbitt & Paul Hash on Guitars, Neal Babbitt on drums, Gary Peebles on bass and Jay Clark on vocals. They recorded and produced their debut 'Blessed Is The Black' between June and October of 1986. The album was eventually released in 1988 on the Ever Rat label. Musically, the band offered straight ahead Thrash mixed with some of the the most vile and offensive lyrics imaginable. No target was spared the bands caustic brand of humour but a particular favorite seemed to be organized religion... and more specifically Christianity.

The debut album was marketed and distributed by Medusa and soon a second self-produced album, 1989's 'Death Walks Behind You', appeared as the band jumped directly to the Medusa label. The lyrics were toned down very slightly for this release and the band enjoyed small-scale touring in North America.

A long delay ensued and a third album, 'Boneless Christian', was released in 1993 on the Ever Rat label in conjunction with the Red Light group. At this point founding drummer Neal Babbitt had been replaced by Jason Moody. Bassist Gary Peebles also left as the band trimmed down to a four piece with Dean Babbit handling the bass on the album.

Now after a long hiatus Coven is back and known as COVEN [metal]. Due to a legal dispute over the name, they decided to add the moniker [metal] to make sure they were not confused with any other entity. But they are back, they are pissed and they are sicker than ever!

Introduced into the assembly is long time collaborator, The Underbishop as well as local Seattle veterans Jamie Carter & Eric Close. Now they are ready to prove to the world once again that Coven (even under a new name) is as brutal and funny as ever and still Satanic as Hell!


The band recorded three albums between 1985 & 1993 Blessed Is The Black, Death Walks Behind You & Boneless Christian.
These continue to be international classics because of their blending of several metal genres and unique style.

1988 - Blessed is the Black - Ever Rat Records
1989 - Death Walks Behind You - Medusa / Enigma Records
1993 - Boneless Christian - Ever Rat Records

Set List

Set List varies but always includes the fan favorites:

Iron Dick
Fuckin A Nun
McDonaldland Massacre