Coventry Jones

Coventry Jones

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
BandFolkBlues Rock

Bluesy, Dylan-esque original acoustic singer/songwriter in the tradition of James Taylor, Neil Young, DMB and Van Morrison. Club, festivals & college bookings, original/classic rock band or solo/acoustic. 2018 releasing "Bertha Rock 'N' Roll" CD (original tribute to Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Museum). "Fields Of Athenry" (Celtic), "Ragtop Mustang" & "Little Train Ride" (Boogie Blues/Rock w/ horns), "Children Of Marley" (Reggae).
See AUDIO "President Song", election(s) theme song.


2018 Release of Coventry Jones, "Bertha Rock 'N' Roll".  8th original CD. 

2015 Submitted for GRAMMY AWARD Nomination, BEST ROCK SONG, "Dark Horse Named Faith".  

2018, 2016 W.A.M.I. (WI Area Music Industry) Award Nomination FOLK/CELTIC Category. 

See AUDIO c/o "President Song" (1994) by Puppet Government features Coventry Jones lead guitar/backup vocals & Blue Valentine lead vocal/guitar. Aired on WLUM Rock 102.1 FM Milwaukee. Duo from Cleveland, Ohio. 199, nationally touring original acoustic act. N.A.C.A. (National Assoc. for Campus Activities) Showcase Act & nominated for W.A.M.I. (WI Area Music Industry Award) Best New Band 1997.  2018, 2016 W.A.M.I. Nomination, Coventry Jones BEST FOLK & CELTIC Act.

Coventry Jones 4x, N.A.C.A. Showcase Act. nationally touring act, college campuses.  

Coventry Jones is a Milwaukee, WI based internationally touring singer/songwriter. Combining critically acclaimed vocals with styles ranging from modern folk to celtic and delta blues, innovative live performances include audience participation with covers, humorous parodies, on-the-spot requests and uniquely crafted originals. "Worthy of the best folk rock poets," (FOLK ROOTS MAGAZINE, London, U.K.) "Coventry Jones' voice has the richness of James Taylor's," ( Top 20 New CDs(March '06, Rick's Cafe, Madison, WI). Available as original/classic rock rock band or solo/acoustic.



Written By: Coventry Jones

She's full of dragons that roll in the night. Filled with strangers that roll
out of sight. Her streets are filled with mumbling fools and her streets are ruled by nobody's rules.

When I look to the sky there's buildings in the way.
Graffetti on the wall, still hasn't even dried says,
"You could be my rainbow if only you could fly."

It takes me to a place where I'm free, where I can walk and I can breathe. So join me for a little while for the best part of the trip.

It takes me to a place where I'm free, Where I can walk and I can breathe.
She shows me colors I've never seen. And she's every city I've ever seen.

You could be my rainbow if only you could fly. You could be my rrainbow if only you would try.

Funky Cab Ride To Nowhere

Written By: Coventry Jones

I took a cab ride to nowhere just to see the dark side of the moon. And I saw new stars up in the sky in the search of the secret to getting by.

Tell me secrets but no lies.
Tell me the secret to getting by.

I took an airplane to nowhere over Cleveland, Ohio just to see the sun break through the clouds. Like waves of water in an unchanged sea, above the clouds just you and me.

Tell me secrets but no lies.
Tell me the secret to gettin' by.
Tell me secrets but no lies.
And I'll tell you the secret to gettin' by. (CHORUS)

And if I told you the secret could we learn to live and love?
We could learn to live and love.
And if I told you the secret, the secret of love! To live and love it's not to too late, to live and love it's not to late.

Trust the people that you meet.
See how faith and trust are a two-way street. Take a cab ride to nowhere. For I have no answers but I'll meet you there. (TO CHORUS/END SECTION)
To gettin' by, tell me secrets but no lies.

Delta Queen

Written By: Coventry Jones

You take me down to the Delta help me find my queen.(2x). You can drop me off on Bourbon Street. Let me show you what I mean.(CHORUS #1)

It's a long walk from Memphis all the way down to New Orleans.(2x)
I didn't walk 400 miles to be sleepin' by the delta alone.

So Bourbon Street you get ready! Stay awake until I find my queen.(2x) I didn't walk 400 miles to be tippin' through Tippitina's alone.

I can see nobody sleepin'! I know my Delta Queen she's awake.(2x)
So far the 1st 400 miles that's only half of my mistake. (TO CHORUS#3)


Written By: Puppet Government (Blue Valentine & Coventry Jones)

Some people work, some just vacation.
I'd campaign all across the nation.
I'm so full of conversation,
you see my face on every almost every station.

I'll kiss your babies and I'll shake your hand.
You're so lucky that I'm your man.

I'd like to be The President, I'd have to be an actor first.
I'd like to be The President, I'd have to be an actor first.

I'll save the trees, I'll save the air.
I'll make new jobs almost everywhere.
When it comes to issues my talk will taper.
You must admit I look good on paper.

Who knows where the money went


I'll entertain you with my wit.
You know me I'm full of ...

My Country tis of thee,
sweet land of liberty of thee I sing.
Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgram's pride.
From every mountainside let freedom ring. Let it ring (6x)

It doesn't matter just what you sing.
I'm gonna veto everything!
You can laugh or you can cry.
I'll push the buttons and you all will die!
And all I have to say is, "BOMB'S AWAY!".

I'd like to be The President, I'd have to be an actor first. (4x, END)


See AUDIO c/o "President Song",(1994) Puppet Government (Coventry Jones, lead guitar/backup vocals & Blue Valentine, lead vocal, guitar), re-released for 2016 Election!! "Little Train Ride"(2014),  "Renoir To Hemingway, A Retrospective('98-09)"('09), "Time Stands Still"( 2007), "Love Ashbury" (2004), "Velvet Room Acoustic Set"(2003) "Cosmic Cab Ride To Everywhere"(2001), "Cosmic Truth"(1998). Sold/Distributed over 30,000 copies of 7 independently produced CDs. "Love Ashbury" CD available at . "Delta Queen" on Big City Blues Mag Sampler #11, aired on BB King's Bluesville XM Satelite Radio. "Hello, Hello" featured on 10,000 CDs c/o Conversion Media, Milwaukee, WI, 1998.

Set List

Mix of originals, covers & requests. 3 to 4 fifty minute sets.
Partial Song List Sampler:
American Girl (Tom Petty), American Pie (Don McLean), Amie (Pure Prairie League),
Angel (Jack Johnson), Bad Moon Risin'(CCR), Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson), Blackbird (Beatles/CJ Arr.), Blister In The Sun (Violent Femmes), Cats In The Cradle(Harry Chapin), Carolina In My Mind(James Taylor), Crossroads(Robert Johnson, Cream w/ Clapton), Crash (Dave Matthews), Daughter (Louden Wainwright III), Delta Queen(CJ original), Dock Of The Bay(Otis Redding), Don't Think Twice(Bob Dylan), Elissa (CJ original), Father & Son(Cat Stevens), Fire & Rain (James Taylor), Fire Not Ice (Ben Harper), Free Fallin'(Tom Petty), Funky Cab Ride To Nowhere(CJ original), Got My Mojo Workin'(Muddy Waters), Have You Ever Seen The Rain?(CCR), Hello, Hello (CJ original), Harvest Moon, Heart Of Gold & Hey Hey, My My(Neil Young), Honky Tonk Woman (Rolling Stones), I'll Be (Edwin McCain), I Still Haven't Found What I'm Lookin