Flint, Michigan, USA

COVERT, the exciting musical collective based out of Flint Michigan continue to work hard at establishing themselves as heavy contenders in the healthy music scene happening in the Midwest.


COVERT's music is Rock and Roll shaped with the help of influences from Funk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Gospel and Soul with lyrics and vocal harmonies crafted and intertwined within the melodies. They play lengthy sets, no two ever being the same, with improvisation and segues that keep those in attendance dancing on their toes. COVERT's growing and loyal fan base continue to help spread the music, and plays a vital role to their live performance. A COVERT show is a place for people to come together in song and dance in what may best be described as a celebration of life.

COVERT PRODUCTIONS is responsible for COVERT's sound and light has been chosen by promoters in Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana as their top choice for providing sound and light reinforcement for festivals ranging from 500-5,000 in attendance.

  • Clients include: Buttermilk Jamboree, Wuhnurth Music Festival, Michigan Peace Fest, Dunegrass Music Fest, Ann Arbor's Hash Bash & Monroe Street Fair, Whippersnap Music Festival, Quarry Breakdown Fest, Hoodilidoo Music Festival, Rootenanny Festival, End of Summer Love In Festival, Spring Fest, Melon Kamp Fest, Dope Logo Fest, Camp Terrapin Festival, Michigan Rock & Brew Fest, and many, many more.

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Formed in 2002 - Flint MI
Covert Opertions: Covert Operations LP 2005
Covert Operations: Audible Vestiges Vol. I Ep 2007
Covert Operations: Mind's Eye LP 2009
Covert: III Limited Addition Special Release LP 2012
Covert: III LP 2013

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Like a wave always changing that will never be the same