Covert Express

Covert Express

 Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Creative, energetic music intended to excite and make people feel good after hearing us play.


We are at the moment a band of all 14 year olds. To start I feel I should say the one thing that sets us apart from other teen bands is dedication. We have been together for almost a year now never taking breaks or missing a beat. We play very fluently together and we each know our roles in producing the sound that we want. We have been serious about playing live since the very start and we get more chances to show what we can do all the time. We are heavily focused on producing good original work, as well as growing a strong fan base. We are mainly influenced by modern punk/alt bands such as Sum 41, Green Day, and Simple Plan.

Set List

Our Day to Day (original)
Sensitivity (original)
Singled Out (original)
The Middle (Jimmy Eat World)
Come Together (The Beatles)
Wheels (The Foo Fighters)
The General (Dispatch)
Good Riddence (Green Day)
Meant To Live (Switchfoot)
Nothin But A Good Time (Poison)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)