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Covert Operations

Flint, Michigan, United States

Flint, Michigan, United States
Band Rock Jam


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"Covert Operations mixes variety of sounds"

Covert Operations mixes variety of sounds

By Caroline Mochel

Staff Reporter

Publication Date: 10/07/10

Covert Operations, a five-piece band based out of Flint, Mich., released their newest album, “Mind’s Eye,” on Sept. 24 as a direct digital download.

Each track is remarkably different and weaves together different genres of music into a constantly changing, but always danceable compilation of music.

Covert’s music is rock ‘n’ roll shaped with influences ranging from funk and bluegrass to gospel and soul, and their live performances always consist of lengthy sets with instrumental improvisation.

The latest album, “Mind’s Eye,” begins with a track titled “Zone Room” and starts the album off with their take on modern reggae jams.

“The Best,” the fourth track, consists of fast-paced bluegrass that blends well with the melodious voice of Kedree Young, the guitarist and vocalist in this tune.

The album continues with “Catch 22,” the sixth track, and again brings together the style of reggae music with a lengthy jam entrance into a Latin-sounding, salsa mixture. It invokes a feeling of innovation to the music scene guided by the creativity of Dallas Barr, the other guitarist; Kedree Young, vocalist; Derek Young, keys; Matt Burgie on drums; and Alastair Nix on bass guitar.

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Covert Operations 2005
Audible Vestiges 2007
Minds Eye 2010

Haley, Opportunity Missed and Spaces have had radio play. These songs are from the first album and have a more commercial friendly feel to them. There will be more songs from the second album played on the radio as well.



Covert Operations Band formed in 2003 around the 3 Young Brothers, Derek, Damon and Kedree from Flint Michigan. They have played and studied music their whole life and are following in their fathers footsteps forging their own path and developing their music career.

Kedree met Alastair Nix from Oxford Michigan at the Deer Creek Campground in Noblesville Indiana for a Phish concert and they entered and won a talent contest held at the campground by playing Fire On the Mountain to a cheerful crowd. Being that they were all from Michigan, Alastair joined the band immediately and Covert had the rock steady bassist they needed.

In 2004, Dallas Barr from Brighton Michigan was in the closing stages of a band he started called Causeway. Damon and Dallas met years before working at a retail chain. They sat next to each other during a sales training and just talked music. Dallas and Damon hit it off and remained in contact and Damon actually saw Causeway play a few times. Simultaneously, Covert Operations was in need of another guitar player/songwriter and wanted Dallas, and Dallas was being bombarded by people wanting him to join Covert Ops. They decided to try a rehearsal out in the beginning of April 2004 - it was goose bump city. Dallas was in.

Covert also added a spicy percussionist and drummer to the group named Marc Dixon. Marc and Dallas' first show was the same show. Marc shared drums and percussion with Damon for 2 years. Marc left the band and joined Harper, and is touring with them today. Damon also decided to go back to school and work and left Covert Operations in May of 2009. Covert has had great luck with a few professional drummers in the local circuit and have been able to carry the torch - and carry it well they have! Covert is rocking out shows more than ever before.

Covert used to play at a venue in Flint that Erik Bengston's girlfriend used to work. Erik saw a performance and was hooked. He remembered playing guitar with Kedree at a party a few months back and Kedree even talked about playing with Erik to the rest of the guys. It was fate. Now, Erik runs sound and light for the band - just like his father runs sound and light for his church!

Covert Operations is planning a large and up scale CD release party and tour for their long awaited second album, Minds Eye. Expect this in the beginning months of 2010. It must be noted that there are probably 20 more originals that the band plays and wants to record when the time is right. New songs are popping up all the time as well! Every member writes and contributes to the music and this insures a long stable path of success.

Covert Operations has averaged around 100 shows a year since 2005 and plans to continue this work ethic.

The band owns a 20,000 Watt top of the line PA system and an immense light rig. Covert produces music festivals and in 2009 was contracted for 9 of them including Wuhnurth, Dunegrass and Michigan Peace Fest. They headlined these events with high energy, professional performances. The band is making great strides with all aspects of their business and has formed a partnership with Howard Lutz for business recommendation and organization. They are also striving for tours in 2010 designed by long time friend Sean McMorrow of Top Shelf Events. The bands business plan is simple; Live comfortably and provide for their families through their music. Are you part of this "watery design"?

Please contact the band for both production and performance inquiries! Dallas Barr is handling booking inquires presently.