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"Nashville Emo scene"

"Nashville emo band who run along the lines of The Juliana Theory, Thursday and Taking Back Sunday. Unlike most of our wannabe screamo bands, these guys have the songs and the singer that could take them beyond the incestuous world of all-ages shows." – The Nashville Rage

- Nashville Rage

"Covington Rocks"

"Wow, a singer who actually sings And he doesn't screech like a wounded animal!
Nashville has an impressive (and growing) post-hardcore scene, including Epitaph Records' Scatter the Ashes, Eyeball Records band My Epiphany and young quintet Covington. Songs on Covington's recently released EP, Rewriting the Story's End, bear the markings of your prototypical post-hardcore - chugging chords mixing with plinky arpeggios, singing stepping aside for ragged yelping - but they're done quite well, relying on strong harmony hooks as much as battering-ram drum smashes. Singer Brian Young is a catch in the emo arena, too. While the mouthpieces from many of the better-known emo acts (Thursday, Taking Back Sunday) sound straight from the Peter Brady vocal school, Young's singing is smooth and strong."
- The Tennesean

"Next Big Thing"

"...The next big signing out of Nashville..." - ATR
- All The Rage


Rewiting The Story's End EP Released 12/28
Few and far Between Single College Radio
EP has had Airplay on over 250 college radio stations.



Brian Young - Beautiful singing, blood curdling screams, and a power to capture the attention of the audience make this 6-foot 7-inch front-man, a pivotal part of Covington's emotional magnetism. Known for screaming at the crowd to come on stage and be part of what they simply came to watch. Front row watch out,
he will stick the mic in your face for a scream.

Greg Butz - A young and fierce guitar player, thrashes and writhes wildly on stage while screaming the lyrics along with lead singer Brian Young. When on stage, he, like the rest of the guys, pushes himself to the absolute extreme.

Brent Powelson - A creative force. Powelson is more than committed to his writing and his band. You can catch him rolling around on stage and out into the crowd while still playing his part and screaming to ice the cake. His emotion never quits and neither do his chops. His method of tap and his just dirty enough tones take the crowd to climax.

Marshall Pittman- He has taken the band to a new level with his solid and in your face drum technique. He melds with the bass playing and together the rhythm section is unstoppable!

Dylan Rowe - This kid is a kick-ass bass player, with harmonious parts and a unique style that's all his own. He has a creative flare and an ability to create melody that is truly amazing. He is by far the crown jewel of rock and roll in Nashville. For a
young kid he has more connections than Michael Jackson has 12-year-olds. He is truly a once in a lifetime find.