Cowboy Angels

Cowboy Angels

 Muncie, Indiana, USA


Cowboy Angels were born out of the singing and songwriting of Dan England. Growing up and residing in North-East Indiana, England's music reeks of the blue-collar towns and cornfields that surround the area he spent most of his life. The songwriting allows a small glimpse of the love/hate relationship with life in an environment that is all too common in the American Midwest. An environment where the loss of blue-collar jobs changed once vibrant and promising areas into rural cityscapes filled with run-down homes, boarded-up factories, and devoid of nearly all opportunity.
The music of Cowboy Angels will take you on a trip up I-69, through these towns, and into a world where the struggles for success lead to addiction, broken homes, heartbreak, rage, questions of faith, failure, and oddly enough, Love.


The Burden of Love and Sin Lp
The Rent Series Vol.1 Ep