Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians


Expect a full serving of timeless tales delivered with deeply emotive vocals soaked in Tennessee whisky, peppered with steel & acoustic guitars and flourishes of harmonica that will transport you to a simpler time in a dusty past, a time of “Cowboys & Indians”.


Ryan was the lead singer/songwriter for Dakona. The Vancouver quartet signed one of the largest new band recording contracts in history with Madonna’s Maverick Records in 2001. After touring North America several times, and sharing the stage with a wide range of artists from Willie Nelson to Ton Loc, Dakona was pulled from the Maverick roster in ’04 and the band parted ways. Ryan began producing records for other artists in his studio outside Vancouver, where he met his current band mates.
Daniel Huscroft moved west from Calgary in July 2007; where he had played guitar in the highly-touted rock band Strada. When the band broke up, Daniel moved on, playing lead guitar for Grammy-nominated artist Sarah Kelly. He toured Europe and North America several times before meeting Ryan McAllister in 2006. Soon after, Ryan invited Daniel to Vancouver to do some session work and was blown away by not only the emotion in his playing, but the emotion in his song writing.
Barnaby is the storyteller of the group. Drawing on a wide range of influences from Tom Waits to Bruce Springsteen to Jeff Buckley, he’s developed his own unique writing style that tastefully balances grit and beauty. Whether singing about a century-old shipwreck or a modern day romance he has the rare ability to draw the listener in and make them believe. In July 2007, Ryan, his cousin, invited him out to the studio to spend a week recording some demos with Daniel. That week turned into two months and those demos became… Cowboys & Indians…three talents, one sound.


Their self-titled debut album features the first single, “If You Don’t Love Me Anymore.” Hear it on Cowboys & Indians Facebook page, and the band will release the music video in August 2008.

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Set List

Sets range from 45-80 minutes long with tracks from our Debut Album plus a few Covers thrown in the mix.