Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

Two brothers who have been born with the gift of riff, who are ready to get the party started right!


You have probably heard of ex-By Divine Right members spawning off into several well know Canadian bands (Broken Social Scene, Holy Fuck, Feist, etc). Now you can add another to the list.

COWLICK started one day in February 2006 when Dylan Hudecki (formerly of By Divine Right & Junior Blue) and his younger brother Jackson Hudecki (Alive & Living) recorded some improvised bed tracks in a studio out in the country.

Since that time, COWLICK has made a name for themselves making exciting records & playing w/ bands like the Coppertone Most Serene Republic, Don Caballero, Sandman Viper Command, Hidden Cameras, Ian Blurton, Huron and a host of others.

On their second album “WIRES” (released Aug/06/2010) COWLICK has honed their sound from the sonic mishmash of 2008’s “Eternia Hernia” into something more focused, song oriented, smart and sure of itself. While they take the stage as a 2 piece, they continue to find a little help from their friends on their records. On “WIRES” the likes of Mitch Bowden (Chore), Lee Reed (Warsawpack), sister Kristen Hudecki, Terra Lightfoot, Jeremy Fisher as well as Aaron & Cam of Huron have provided their raw talents.

In perfect fashion, shortly after the cd release, Cowlick then released 4 wild viral videos, and at the end of 2010 "WIRES" wins the Hamilton Music Award for "Best Alt/Indie Recording of the Year". As a surprise to fans, Cowlick's then released their a free remix album "REWIRED" which is "WIRES" remixed by friends. It features DAVIDS, Straggler, E-Video, Kid Years, Slow Hand Motem and more.

Always drawing upon of bag of influences -- indierock, folk, psychedelia, hiphop, noise rock & experimental, COWLICK has created a intriguing body of work that is wildly unpredictable, solid, and bursting with ideas.

Wild intrigue. Dig it.


Wires- 2010
Re-Wired- 2010
Eternia Hernia- 2008

Set List

Originals and a cover. Set lengths vary. Is this set list section for real? Does anybody really check this? Our set list is our little secret thank you very much! (Spoiler Alert- We play songs from our albums)