rowley cowper

rowley cowper


With his lilting vocals, a delightfully meandering guitar picking style and lyrics evoking a private world of contemporary fable, Rowley Cowper's set is perfect for anyone looking for some misty-eyed enjoyment of rather lovely music.


in a small, nondescript 1950s worker's cottage in the outskirts of brisbane paint peels from the ceiling, fluttering past pattern print curtains and faded paintings to land on the thick, worn carpet. it is here amidst the dust collective that rowley cowper calls home.

"the idea for cowper began soon after my return from living in europe in 2006. i'd packed all my things into the requisite cardboard and moved into the sunroom of this quiet old queensland house, and set up the studio in the lounge room. three years on and the belongings are still in boxes; but the studio feels like home".

after playing in various incarnations with bands in sweden and italy, the intent with 'cowper' was to focus on smaller, more personal projects incorporating music, visuals & short films. cowper's studio work is detailed; but his live shows contain a raw simplicity. He also occasionally teaming up with long time visual collaborator jaymis loveday to provide an audio visual connection with the audience, and has also performed in online broadcast collaborative performances.

in 2009 cowper has taken to the studio to record his debut album, and hits the road for a national tour in november and december.


Several independant video clip releases (see for links)
Currently in the studio recording debut album.

Set List

Set lists are typically 20 to 60 minutes long. Covers are rare. Split shows (multi set support with intervals) have also been done.