Cowpoke is an irreverant, cheeky country rock act from NSW Australia. We'll have a poke at anyone and have a damn good time doing it too.

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Written By: Tim Stevens

When I was a young man
Just about leaving school
My mother said to me "my son I've got some news for you.
This world has many tempting things that you'll discover soon,
But there's one thing you must never ever do.

"Son, don't marry a fool.
Or you'll regret it for the rest of your days.
She might have great eyes or the silkiest of thighs,
But beauty's only skin deep and it always fades away.
Son don't you marry a fool.
That's all the advice I have to say.
If your lovely wife can't read or write, it don't matter how good she makes you feel at night, son don't you marry a fool."

Well you can't rely forever,
on your folks for milk and bread.
So I hit the road to find a place to lay my hat and head.
Along the way, I found some of those tempting things in bed.
But I still remembered what my momma said...


Then one night, I saw her face.
Lost all track, of time and space,
Looking in her eyes of the deepest blue.
In no time, I had said "I do"

Well my father loved my brand new bride, my mum just said "you're screwed...
I knew that you were gone first time I saw the pair of you.
She's got eyes just like your father, the deepest perfect blue.
You made the same mistake I did" and I smiled and said "how true"



How Would John? - single
Pokin' 'Round - album contained the singles "Fool", "Again" and "Who Stole The Rain"
Big Red Ute - album contains the single "(my baby wants a) Big Red Ute".

All songs from both albums are available on iTunes to either check out or buy.