Coyote Slim

Coyote Slim

 Sebastopol, California, USA

California Delta Blues


Coyote Slim is a modern songster, who plays traditional blues and old-time songs often interjected with stories and verses drawn from his own experiences working in the outdoors in California's mountains, woods, and urban jungles. His brand of rootsy, down-to earth blues is loved by people of all ages and musical tastes. He has performed at several festivals, recorded at BigTone studios, and on his own expense produced several shows in California showcasing other blues talent, an endeavor he hopes to continue should he climb out of the mountain of debt he currently finds himself in.  You will find Slim on weekends gigging at farmer's markets or the odd bar or BBQ joint, and not at blues jams during the week as he often works 48-52 hours in his day job trying ensure public safety and prevent wildfires (and pay for the high cost of California livin').



Out in the Tules (Self-released 2010) available on CdBaby digital only

California Delta Blues (with Colin Teurfs) 2013