Coyote Run

Coyote Run

 Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Taking a compelling and dynamic approach to Celtic Rock that draws on legends, rich poetry, history and unforgettable tales, Coyote Run weaves it all together with an eclectic, muscular groove, rich with influences of tribal jam, jazz and progressive rock.


Over eleven years of national touring, Coyote Run has firmly established a reputation as a mythic Tribal Celtic Rock band. We dive deeply into history, mythology and whimsy to present a powerful, driving performance that takes the audience on a journey that is at once difficult to categorize, and hard to forget. Our sources include the poetry of Burns, Yeats, Shakespeare, Henley, Tennyson, Blake, Kipling as well as legends, history and myths. Our highly theatrical performances sweep the audience away to celebrate the ancient Celtic springtime holiday of Beltane, struggle to escape the seductive lure of the Faerie mound, dash pell mell into battle with Sir Francis Drake, defy the universe with the bold words of Invictus, witness the legendary clash of the Oak King and the Holly King, or await the arrival of the dreaded ghost train in the rugged Welsh hills.

No Irish drinking songs here, we're a very different animal indeed.

Coyote Run's members are: David Doersch, Craig Olson, Catherine Hauke, Michael Kazalski and Chelle Fulk.

Formed in 1999, Coyote Run has been touring aggressively ever since. In the summer of 2010, Coyote Run proudly announced the release of a two-disc ten-year retrospective album. This album tracks the band's development over the years from a folk band to the powerful Progressive Celtic sound they now have. Spring of 2011 finds the band releasing their latest CD, entitled 10 1/2.

Coyote Run takes the stage with an arresting power and energy. They have performed at and headlined major Celtic festivals such as: Celebration of Celts (NY), Celtic Fling (PA), Potomac Celtic Festival (VA), Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (NC), Greenville Highland Games (SC), Gatlinburg Highland Games (TN), Foothills Highland Games (NC), Sycamore Shoals Celtic Festival (TN), Toledo Irish Festival (OH), Virginia Highlands Festival (VA), Charleston Highland Games (SC), McHenry Highland Games (MD), Sonora Celtic Festival (CA), Williamsburg Scottish Festival (VA) and many more. They have toured Ireland and Scotland multiple times to great acclaim.

Coyote Run is a powerhouse band offering far more than just music, they put on a "show" with grace and power that is family entertainment and appeals to all generations. This is a musical experience unlike any other, undeniably Celtic, and completely unforgettable.


Lord of the Dance

Written By: Sydney Carter, with new lyrics by David Doersch

I danced at a Beltane with the pole standing tall,
And the ribbons flowing round the dancers all.
I danced in the sunlight at the Midsummer Feast
as the day dawned pink in the summer’s East.

Dance, dance wherever you may be.
I am the Lord of the Dance, said He,
and I’ll lead you all, wherever you may be,
and I’ll lead you all in the dance said he.

When the harvest arrived and the fields shone gold,
And the air was tinged with a touch of frosty cold,
I danced round the balefire, late at night,
and turned the wheel against all fright.


As the world turned dark, I lighted the log,
with Yule burning bright and piercing the fog.
I lay with my lady in the dark of the year,
and I’ll be reborn when Spring draws near.


Finnean's Dance

Written By: David Doersch

Jake Finnean's out in the moon one night,
The wind was cold, the lanterns bright,
He'd drunk too much to feel the fright
Of the music o'er the meadow.

He'd lost his horse along the road,
His waistcoat torn, his collar showed,
Jake Finnean now, you mind the road,
Don't follow the tune in the meadow.

Jake Finnean stumbled along the stream,
He saw what he never before had seen,
A mound there was where there never had been,
And the music it was callin'.

Then a light there came to blind him so,
O Finnean, don't you follow it now!
You must not go in the mound to go,
Where the golden light is fallin'!

For they're dancin' high and they're dancin' low,
The king of the Sidhe willna let you go,
If you follow the music that round you flows --
And enter the mound of the faeries.

Then seven long years on an Autumn moon,
The wind blows cold, it blows too soon,
Across the meadow you hear a tune and you find a man in the shadows.

His eyes are wide, his hair is white,
He looks like a man who's seen a fright,
He grabs you sudden and shouts, "Tonight! Don't follow the tune in the meadow!"


The Fool

Written By: David Doersch

Traveler Floats upon the wind,
Stopping from shore to shore.
He looks at all that life has given and says "Give me more!"

He dances juggling balls of fate,
With mischief in his eyes.
Turns and opens up the gate
And says, "Now, we will fly!"

Ribbons float about his head,
And bells about him ring.
There is no time to worry,
So meanwhile we will sing!

He casts his voice upon the wind
Which calls us to his song.
Jumps upon the tightrope,
And says "This won't be long!"

Empress and Lady, you know I am your Fool!
I watch to see the sunrise and fall off of my stool.
Why does the courtier, fall on bended knee?
Empress and Lady, come laugh and follow me!

A swan is flying high above,
The snow white cotton clouds.
She looks to see the Traveler floating,
Wrapped up in a shroud!

Rings and ribbons, bells and motley
Swim across the sky!
Traveler floats upon the wind,
But today's the day he dies!



Coyote Run: 2001; Run Wild Records; CD
Full Throttle Celtic: 2002; Run Wild Records; CD
Don't Hold Back: 2003; Run Wild Records; CD
Coming Home to You 2004; Run Wild Records; EP
Tend The Fire: 2005; Run Wild Records; CD
Coyote Run Pleads the Fifth: 2005; Run Wild Records; CD
Places, 2007; Run Wild Records; CD & DVD
Between Wick and Flame, 2008; Run Wild Records; CD
A Kilted Christmas, 2009; Run Wild Records, DVD
Ten Years Running: A Retrospective, 2010, Run Wild Records, CD
10 1/2, 2011; Run Wild Records, CD

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Set List

Typically we play 45-50 minute sets. Most of our music is original, a few are re-arranged traditional songs. Very few are covers.

Beltane Fires
Finnean's Dance
Queen of Argyll
Matty Groves
Winter of My Mind
La Pucelle
Battle of New Orleans

Boardin' the Train
The Piper of Culloden
Tam Lin
Dragon of Cabo san Lucas
Lord of the Dance