Coyote Theory

Coyote Theory

 Orlando, Florida, USA

We are a Rock band looking to bring humanity back to the rock genre. We are self-organized in every way, & that resonates on stage & off. We create music that is as complex, as it is catchy. On stage we aspire to create sensations in people that evoke something deeper than most rock concerts would.


Coyote Theory is a rapidly growing Jazz-Pop band from Orlando, FL, that not only is being hailed for their unique sound by fans, but by fellow musicians as well.

We believe we stand out because we are committed to authenticity with our music, which resonates with our fans and is reflected in their response. We work hard to promote ourselves and grow as musicians because we feel we owe it to the music and our fans. We take nothing for granted, including our fans, our material, any support, and anyone who is interested. Everything we've managed up to this point has been self-organized, promoted, and maintained. Many talented people have seen this and worked with us, responded and invested their own energy because they believe in what we're representing and they know our work ethic.

One important point is that we are passionately cultivating an indelible experience for our fans, reflected in all of our material, including live shows, promotional material, and songs released. We're working toward making this package an unforgettable enterprise, engineering a "larger than life" experience- professional and polished while remaining intensely human, true, and inviting. We are always innovating and inviting innovators. We make sure the music speaks for itself, because we believe in who's listening.


Color (EP) - Produced by James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Paramore, Underoath)

Taking Over The World (Single) - Produced by James Paul Wisner

Set List

1) Art of Understanding (3:00)
2) Not Falling in Love (4:00)
3) This Side of Paradise (4:00)
4) It's a Trap! (3:00)
5) Randy (3:30)
6) Ruse & Caper (5:00)
7) Flowers in a Jar (3:00)
8) Disco (3:00)
9) Vibe (3:00)
10) Senses (3:30)