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Cozy Bones -1992
Bounce - 1993
Rogues of High Floundering - 1994
Broomshack Trash EP - 1996
Piss Perfect Hotel - 1998
The Death Of Advertising - 2001
What He Would Say(B-sides) - early 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


I can see the headlines now: "Former Hippie-Band Goes Nuts, Kills Everybody". This in a nutshell describes cozybones. Harder, angrier, and more profane than ever imagined. They are a violent scream of pure energy that almost never lets up.
Almost. Remaining unchanged is the bands paranoid avoidance of consistency, to the delight of fans, cozybones is tempered with down-tempo numbers. What's different is that the slow songs are performed with a sense of urgency, as if they are strategic breaks in the crossfire; like reloading. Predominant here are the songs "Disease", "This Ways End", and "Death of Adverstising", screaming and bleeding while retaining cozybones knack for melody, drama, and those damn "hooks".

Though not a capital "P" political band, many of cozybones' songs here address media and culture issues, like the consumerism-as-alcohol, or the war-of-the-sexes-as-seen-on-MTV satire of "This Ways End". The cozybones vibe is one of concern over a society devoid of non-commericial public space, information control, and the cultivation of apathy in a young public addicted to the factory valve of mass media.