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The best kept secret in music


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Full length album: "The Secret" - released Dec 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


CPD considers originality an essential ingredient in any art if it is to be considered seriously. However, it's certainly easy to consider oneself "original" having no awareness of the past. A thorough knowledge, appreciation, and, ensuing from that, respect to the classics - from Bach to Shakespeare to Run DMC - is mandatory for any artist. CPD is more than aware of the old-school; yet, with due respect, pushes the musical and lyrical boundaries beyond anything heard today or ever before in hip-hop... no, in any genre of music.

Hip-hop music and culture - the art form - is changing, and our perceptions must change with it. This art form with such humble beginnings has spawned seemingly opposing cultural expressions. From depths of love and pain, to "pop" glitz. The underground, the mainstream. From visionaries in ciphers, to so-called "producers" in their so-called "studios". Yet, underneath all these, we find the undeniable mark of hip-hop. And all these differing aspects of the art form only prove its enormous power. A power that was never, and could never be, imagined when hip-hop first began to appear. Perhaps this "hip-hop" is simply an expression of something fundamentally inherent in human nature? Something that connects the arts - beauty and past - to the modern, everyday reality - something, too often, far from beautiful.

Welcome to the redefinition of hip-hop.