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""We can't be anything but who we are.""

‘It’s not possible to be anyone other than who we are’
Adding a personal touch to every performance
Milwaukee’s Chapman Party of 5 bring smooth sounds to the stage


By TRACY L. WECKWERTH - TimeOut Entertainment Editor January 29, 2009

Performing at a recent show is Milwaukee’s Chapman Party of 5. From left, Jordan Brenegan, Jamye Chapman, Chad Burgess and Carter Manley.


Fusion within the music world takes place when sounds intermingle with dedication from musicians and artists alike. Milwaukee’s Chapman Party of 5 is able to mix a unique sound with beats that catch your attention and more importantly, hold on to it.

"CPO5 would be if the Dave Matthews Band met Incubus and they are listening to James Taylor," describes guitarist/vocalist Jamye Chapman. "It’s a fusion of neo-soul and rock."

Together with bassist Carter Manley, drummer/backing vocalist Chad Burgess and violinist Jordan Brenegan, CPO5 combines a solid attitude with passion and stage performance.

"We have a great appreciation and love of the music," says Brenegan. "The collaboration of the band has really been powerful."

"We’re willing to go 100 percent of the way which makes a difference," adds Manley.

Chapman Party of 5, the name signifying the number of members in the band plus the audience being the "honorary fifth member," formed less than a year ago with Chapman, Manley and Brenegan collaborating on music until Burgess rounded out the quartet.

"We wanted to leave people guessing on the type of music when hearing the name," says Chapman. "We are different sounds that meet in the middle."

When asked how their love of music can transfer to their own sound, the band collectively identify their single "Eleventh Hour" as the best descriptor of who CPO5 is.

"There are so many different styles in the song," says Chapman. "You hear funk, you hear inspiration from Incubus, you hear rock, even dance. What we want is something you put on and groove to."

The track has a relaxed vibe with an edge - almost a space fused sound. The picking of Brenegan’s violin accents the transition from chorus to the verses very well. On the flip side, another single "The Get Down" sounds similar to the Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed with "Tennessee" by Arrested Development, which is able to swing and add a dance element to which Burgess points out makes the track "totally a live song."

The consensus is despite Chapman being the frontman, everyone in the band brings something to the table which in turn makes the group sound better.

"People aren’t going to know about you until you put your name out there," says Burgess. "I feed off of Jamye and Carter as well as the audience during a performance. If the crowd is digging it, the energy just lifts it to another level."

"The best sounds come through when everyone is enjoying themselves and is excited about what they are doing," adds Manley. "There needs to be that personal connection."

"We all feel that we are individuals, but we are each bringing our style to the group," Brenegan adds.

Burgess identifies that Chapman put together the group, but each person is recognized for their talent which makes the songs more meaningful.

"At every show we have a goal to get someone to connect with us," says Chapman. "We aren’t at the big time right now. If we stay amateur we stay loving what we do. We’re not doing this for the paycheck. It’s about bringing everything 100 percent to completion."

"We consciously understand what each person wants," says Manley. "We musically work together. It’s not possible to be anyone other than who we are."

Sitting down with CPO5, one will identify with how personable they all are which Chapman attributes to wanting to allow fans to know they genuinely care and want a personal connection with the audience.

"You know too many bands out there are being arrogant or have certain attitudes that are a real turn-off," he says. "We want to reach the people out there that feel us."

Adds Burgess, "We are part of the whole experience, not just the performance. It’s a culture. We’re a genuine band."

Seeing as the band bears his name, Chapman is quick to point out that each member is a necessary element.

"It’s like the cheese on a cheeseburger," he says. "It’s a complement to the full package. You gotta bring this energy that you have, always put in 100 percent to how you play. We need to take responsibility for sounding good or bad. It’s all of us."

"When it comes down to it, we always tell ourselves, ‘Let’s keep it real,’" points out Brenegan.


Who: Chapman Party of 5

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Nice Ash Cigar Bar, 327 W. Main St., Waukesha

More: (262) 547-9009

What: Chapman Party of 5 CD Release Party and Performance

When: 9 p.m. Feb. 7

Where: Shank Hall, 1434 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee

More: (414) 276-7288


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"Two Sides to Every Story" Album, 2006
"Eleventh Hour" EP, 2009



As one of Milwaukee's brightest new bands, Chapman Party of Five (CPO5), has recently been hailed as the most "refreshing" sound to hit the Milwaukee scene in years. Their melodic blend of music is pure unadulterated emotion.

Led by their reclusive lead singer/songwriter, Jamye Chapman, whom Pairadice Productions called "One of the finest talents ever filmed," CPO5 has been steadily gaining momentum and fans since the moment they stepped onto the stage together. Jamye is backed up by a group of young yet experienced musicians: Jordan Brenegan, a classical violinist by trade, has played the fiddle for 17 years and is regarded as the one of the best in the Midwest. Carter Manley, is a burgeoning star on the bass. Relatively unknown because of his youth, there are very few who can match his talent, intuitiveness, and groove. Chad Burgess is one of those drummers who come around every ten years. Inspired by the great Carter Beauford, Chad provides the backbone of the band and does it well.

CPO5's roots are in the Rock/Jam band scene, but they have composed spectacular music for just about every genre. A great sample of this new fusion music can in works that range from folk lullabies such as, "Dreaming of You," to hard rock hits like their EP title song, "the Eleventh Hour." While CPO5's music is highly accessible their music stretches the audience and band to new heights with their exciting, rhythmically charged style of music that is making their name famous on the Milwaukee entertainment scene.