Cracked Latin

Cracked Latin


The Love Child of Syd Barrett and Tito Puente. Psychedelic Pre-Castro Cha-Cha.


Cracked Latin: The Love Child of Syd Barrett and Tito Puente?

Woven thicker than a Mayan quilt smeared with toad venom, mixing Latin rock and American pop/soul with a heavy dose of late-'60s psychedelia, Cracked Latin's first release, 'The World Is Cracked Latin,' out on Transparency, is a joyous abundance of Spanglished compass-spinning. The music is at once instantly catchy, hook-driven and totally uncategorizable.

“I’m not so sure that you’re really not here,” Lane Steinberg and Luis Accorsi sing over the spicy, horn-driven aural stew on the album's "My Hallucination."

Before the duo joined forces, Lane already had a long career in the pop field, founding the cult Miami pop/soul combo The Wind and also recording as Noel Coward's Ghost, Wall of Orchids and Mustafio, and in collaboration with Tan Sleeve and R. Stevie Moore. Luis found youthful fame in Venezuela with the Latin rock outfit Jainz Kapella, and now records solo and with Man's Laughter when he is not painting. Cracked Latin's music came to life as Luis and Lane spent leisurely afternoons over numerous double and triple espressos, listening to and admiring a cache of old Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco records.

"Are you an Inca warrior at the taco stand?" the duo ask on the track "We Are Cracked Latin!" If you can answer those questions with any degree of conviction, you are probably Cracked Latin yourself.


Your Miami

Written By: Steinberg/Accorsi

Your Miami

Turned around, called her name
Maria, where's my drink?
Yea, the palms did sway
A super secret surprise

Cafe con leche, Cuban cigar
Sitting at the bar in Key Biscayne
Yea, the sun was setting
I knew the place was mine

Your Miami is my Miami
Let's have some fun in our Miami
I’m your Poppy and you’re my Mami
We’ll have a party in our Miami

Nowhere in the world is like old Miami Beach
Yea! Ocean Drive, a little unsubtle
But that’s what we like
All night we lay in bed
We couldn’t sleep at all

No! The place was on fire
Deep in the den with cupid’s liars


Tu Miami, es mi Miami
Esta fiesta, es de Miami

Soy tu papi, et tu mi Mami
Cosa ramos, en mi Miami


The World Is Cracked Latin!(Transparency)

Transparency is an LA based label that is currently releasing unreleased Sun Ra recordings as well recordings by Sonny Rollins, William Burroughs, and Helios Creed.

Set List

1. Your Miami
2. My Hallucination
3. Caracas Shakedown
4. The Expatriate
5. En Estos Tiempos
6. Xulfa
7. We Are Cracked Latin
8. The Lord Jim
9. Aceite
10. International Accident
11. Diggin' Bonez
12. Wicked She's Wicked
13. Guantaramera
14. Let's Spend The Night Together