Crackpot Theory

Crackpot Theory

 Alameda, California, USA

If you in search of an exciting, tight rock band with a refreshing sound and energy, check out Crackpot Theory. Their classic rock riffs, heavy grooves and unique sound make for an unfortgetable sonic experience.


Welcome to Crackpot Theory. If you are looking for a musical experience that captivates while transcending genre, you are invited to explore this unique brand of all-purpose rock. These four seasoned but unassuming musicians aspire to continue what was begun during the early days of rock and roll, i.e. spectacular live shows, great songs and a connection to hearts and minds of the fans. The synthesis of tight rhythms, driving riffs and powerful vocals produces an explosive live performance. The lyrics convey a depth of emotion rarely found in contemporary music. This alliance of musical elements combined with years of experience produce a distinctive and exciting band that will not soon be forgotten- CRACKPOT THEORY.


Their self-produced first album, "Let's Fight" was released in early 2004. It is available online from iTunes, CD Baby or through their website. New EP coming soon featuring "Medicine" and "Sci-Fi Matinee". Release set for June 2006.

Set List

They typically play sets from 30 to 60 minutes or they can also cover a full night by themselves with three 50 minute sets. Their sets include a variety of All-Purpose rock music and are always entertaining.
Partial song list:
Sci-fi Matinee
Patriotic God Impersonation
Enemies Dead
3 Stars
Something Deadly
Eaten Alive
Loosers Keep Winning