Craig Byrnes

Craig Byrnes

 Houston, Texas, USA

This rocks hard, but the pop hooks run deep. Think Wallflowers fronted by Gavin Rossdale and mixed by Keith Richards channeling John Lennon.


A mixture of rock and folk tunes destined to refresh the soul.

Craig started playing guitar at age thirteen and after three lessons turned to the teaching of the grunge guru, Nirvana. "I remember standing in my room at my parents house singing into a Radio Shack microphone running through a practice amp, and playing my white Peavy Predator AX to what must have been every Nirvana song," says Byrnes.

It comes as no surprise that Byrnes has the same effect on a room that Cobain had. With an astounding amount of energy beaming from every performance, Byrnes and co. has shown music fans everywhere REAL music overflowing with passion.

Watch out! There is no limit to where this man can go! The upcoming record, "Blindside Turnout" on WTL Records, is his solo Debut. Filled with hit home lyrics and monster melodies, the album feels more like a hayride through the history of rock music than just one more 11-song-record.

He evokes emotion and memory with his intricate and personal lyrics. "Well, I write about what I have done" he says. "I write about things I have gone through, things I have thought and heard," says Byrnes, "I'm just a regular guy, so I think that a lot of people can really relate to my music because of that."

That's why he still, to this day, will not change his style. "It wouldn't be true to myself to try to copy another band," he says, "Music is saving the world one song at a time, therefore I will continue to offer up a joyful noise until I cannot muster another breath."


Blue Day

Written By: Craig Byrnes

Every time I look at you I see your blue day coming through
Is there something I can do or am I stuck hurting for you
I remember the day like it was my only time to break and cry but as I move on I see that it wasn't me
I can't breathe but I came back to you to be here for you and you can't see what it's doing to you cause everyday I watch you waste away
Then I heard something today that I couldn't see
no that can't be me, I'd be left high in the sea
Come out of that room tonight and you will know just how to cry, and I'll stand outside and look at you through that window that's broken too

I Don't Know

Written By: Craig Byrnes

Please stop me from being alone cause without a soul around, I'm getting cold
I don't know if I've told you about the way I feel, but inside I'm torn and backed to stone
There may be a time when all this comes together, but for now I don't know what to do

Maybe I'll take flight away from this dark night
cause if you don't come soon, I'm gonna go away

When I get home promise me that you will stay because I know I am getting old

Please stop me from being alone cause without a soul around I'm getting cold

Fight This Time

Written By: Craig Byrnes

When the Days went by waiting to cry I said I want you.

When I felt that pain probably just the same I said I want you.

Those crystal eyes they burn inside. They waited for me to go to sleep.

Running Through
I can't catch you
but I want to try
I'll just fight this time

And then you walked out of my life, oh wait, was that me? But I guess a few years does a lot for you because I said I want you.

And then you walked up and you said your going to have to work with me because I love you

Running Through
I can't catch you
But I want to try
I'll Just fight this time

If you want to walk away Ill understand, but I refuse to leave so go on take my hand. The look on my face is real this time, so stop starring at me with those tears in your eyes.

Those crystal eyes they burn inside. They waited for me to go to sleep.

Running Through
I can't catch you
But I want to try
I'll just fight this time

Walk away
I'll understand
refuse to leave
take my hand
let me know
dry your eyes
Don't Cry for me
see how I feel about it


Further--Mind Trip July 2001 on WTL Records
Craig Byrnes--Somewhere Along the Way Jan 2004 on WTL Records
Craig Byrnes--Fight This Time Nov 2003 single on WTL Records
Craig Byrnes--Blindside Turnout Coming Soon on WTL Records

Set List

Acoustic Set List

I Don't Know_5:26
Blue Day_4:01
Never Left Me_4:30
Fight This Time_4:47
Big Big Star_3:13
Walk In My Way_5:00
Only Life_4:00-7:00
Sunday Morning_4:00