Craig Dawson and Simone Olding

Craig Dawson and Simone Olding


Original songs and instrumentals which cover a range of folk music styles including early blues and Ki Hoalu with occasional Celtic and Country influences. Songs are often poignant, occasionally capricious hard hitting ballads which explore a variety of political, social and even ludicrous topics.


Finalists - Top 5 2006 Musicoz Awards Folk Category
Finalists - Top 5 2001 Tamworth Independent Artists Awards Instrumental section
Winner - 2000 Tamworth Independent Artists Awards Instrumental section
Simone and Craig perform a blend of original songs and instrumentals which cover a range of Folk music styles including Delta Blues, Ki Hoalu (Hawaiian slack key) with occasional Celtic and Country Music influences. Their original songs are often poignant and hard hitting ballads which explore a variety of political and social topics. Craig and Simone are also known for their ability to get audiences laughing and singing along. Together they are regulars on the festival circuit and have performed at many venues including the Woodford Folk Festival, the National Folk Festival and the 2003 Sydney Acoustic
Guitar Festival.

Simone and Craig have completed a live EP, Jenny's Flowers and in 2001 were involved in composing, recording and producing a soundtrack for a play performed in Brisbane called The Pitchfork Disney. They are also included on the compilation CD Green Songs, the 2001 Sydney Folk Gala compilation CD and the Folk Alliance Australia 2000 compilation CD. Their 2003 recording So Near Yet So Far was produced with assistance from artsACT and Angel Train Pty Ltd. Craig and Simone have just released a double CD titled Let Isabelle Out.

“So Near Yet So Far with Simone Olding is an absolutely fabulous blend of superb instrumentals, fine storytelling and Craig’s trademark emotive vocals. Highly Recommended.” - Pat Drummond

"..but the (live) performance is just as good as the CD as you get the visual appreciation of Craig and Simone's musical talents and just how together their music really is." - Cornstalk Gazette

"With such strong performances, a great design by Geoff Corbett and
evocative original soundtrack by Craig Dawson and Simone Olding, “The
Pitchfork Disney” is hard to fault..." - Time Off

“Both Craig and Simone provide beautifully balanced harmonies which complement each other.” - TiJude and Mart Fowler Triple H 100.1


Simone has had a history of experience in many different bush music and celtic bands. She has a great deal of experience as a session musician and has appeared on a number of different CDs as a flute player or vocalist. Simone has performed in many different folk festivals and venues since the early 1980’s.
She is an experienced vocalist and plays a variety of instruments including mandolin, bouzouki, flute, recorder, clarinet and bodhran. Simone has played a lead role in several musicals, performed in her former local community band and is currently writing two children’s books. She was involved in the production of three commercially available recordings with Serendipity.

Simone has surely found her blues voice: check out her sensitive renditions of "Nobody Sees a Fish Cry" and the amazing "There May Be Times", both written by her. - Peter West 2XX

Craig Dawson and Simone Olding are popular performers around the festival scene and their latest album, "So Near yet So Far," is sure to enhance a reputation built on thought provoking and well crafted songs. - Bruce Cameron


Craig is a songwriter, music teacher and musician who has performed in bands and as a soloist since 1984. He has written several children's musicals, performed as a studio musician and released two CD's and one EP. At the year 2000 Tamworth Country Music Independent Artist's Recognition Awards (TIARA) Craig won the "best instrumental" section for his solo acoustic guitar tune Pickin' on The Captain. He has since gained favourable recognition for his songwriting and fingerstyle guitar work in reviews in overseas music magazines and Internet sites in Italy, the United Kingdom and California. Craig has also appeared on a number of community radio programs and the ABC.

"Moody folk musings from a musician who understands the less-is-more aesthetic to songwriting. Craig Dawson is a proficient guitar player and Singer-Songwriter. He seems to have grown up with a plethora of good folk music that naturally seeped into his own songs. Dawson's music is as good as anything that has influenced him." - Eric S. ""

“... this is probably the only real style of country/folk music that has been perfected in Australia and it is certainly achieved here. With the great debate going on about what is “The Australian Sound” I wish more people would listen to these type of songs.” - Les Speerin. Editor of “Total Country.”


A Boat On A River

Written By: Craig Dawson

I took her on a boat on the river,
the April sun filled the air
from her reflection in the water
I watched the breeze blow through her hair.

I took the tide and went up river,
where rocky cliffs and mountain streams
blended with the hues of Autumn
and filled the vision for a thousand dreams.

She turned her head and smiled at me
I searched for words I couldn't find
to tell of fear I felt inside me
about the world too far behind.

We stopped the boat upon the shoreline
and climbed upon the riverside
sat and watched the water flowing
until the changing of the tide.

I heard a sound behind me calling
far too close now to ignore,
so cold and cruel and unforgiving,
we climbed inside the boat once more.

The noon day sun shone down upon us,
ill preparded and unlearned,
I held her close, I held her tightly
then let her go when we returned.

As the sky turned cold
and the wind did cry
she kissed my lips and said "goodbye."

And I walked alone,
a narrow street,
dared not look behind
should our sad eyes meet.

The Balllad of Frank and Vince

Written By: Craig Dawson

The Ballad of Frank and Vince

The day was warm so the boys on the job had a thirst.
Out in the sun filling holes in the road while they cursed.
They could taste the beer through the heat of the air and the smell of the tar.
At knock off time they all formed a line
at their usual place by the bar.

Vince lifts his beer, feels a tingle of guilt and tells himself
that next week he'll slow down.
For he wont see his wife sober tonight
and its just another day here in this town.

It was more than a job when they closed the meat works down
When Frank lost his home his wife and his kids left town
Now he sits at the bar with a drink in his hand and he's old and alone.
Feeds what he has to poker machines and dreams of what he once used to own.

Waits for the boys as they come in the door and calls out to
Vince he'll join them in the round.
And for a while Frank has a smile
and its just another day here in this town.

Frank spoke of his days in the Vietnam war - the same stories he tells every night.
Vince lifts his beer, says "bad one Frank - must've been a hell of a fight!"
And it seems there's always a silence then, long enough to cut through the air,
'til Vince lifts his glass, says "what they done t' ya mate - ya know it doesn't seem fair.

The car was still running the morning when Frankie was found
Vince carried the body, there was silence and mist on the ground.
Then he lay him down by the side of the road and whispered a word
When he prayed Frank he prayed for himself
and wondered would it ever be heard.

Then he threw his fist in to the air and screamed out
"Fuck you all" as he fell down.
As he yelled those words an echo was heard
its just another day here in this town.

The Dust Bunny

Written By: Craig Dawson

N/A. This is an instrumental


1999 - The Malfunction Room - Craig Dawson
2000 - Jenny's Flowers - Craig and Simone
2001 - The Pitchfork Disney Soundtrack - Craig and Simone
2003 - So Near Yet So Far - Craig and Simone
2005 - Let Isabelle Out - Craig and Simone
(Let Isabelle Out songs available on itunes and

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Always original songs and instrumentals. Theme shows are common.
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