Craig DeMetz

Craig DeMetz

 Los Angeles, California, USA

All the music is pure - as shown in bio. It's songs with complete soul. Maybe that's why he's batting .1000 on the radio (with a grand slam home run): on the ONLY station ever submitted to . . he is the #1 album played on the FM station (out of 1200 albums) - for four years+ !


I am a pop and MOR singer/songwriter. My influences include ELO, Billy Joel, Dan Fogelberg, Elton John, and many from Abba to ZZ Top.

Lately; I've received tons of VERY nice compliments on my singing (after karaoke primarily); including from the guitarist from Sweet! (Seven top 10 hits in '70's.) "You really DO have a good voice!" Many thanks also to the good people of St. Anne's Church for being so estatic and offering to pay money for my (nonexistent at the time) "album" whenever I soloed there several years ago.

What sets my music apart is that it was born directly and solely out of very UNIQUE and heavy experiences (with girls). With these songs, I wasn't trying to fit any mold nor writing for anyone else at the time. I wasn't even trying to please myself then. All the music just came pouring out very authentically:
As it happened; Throughout my schooling years, girls (who I actually had love at first sight with) WAITED for me through my extreme shyness and incredible lack of response to them. They waited (with incredible signals and signs) through my coldness to them; and waited, and waited,
and never stopped waiting.....
with the sensitivity that slowly blew me away . . . .
My songs are a tribute to them,
STRAIGHT from the heart.
The story of my life is being just extremely shy
I would NEVER EVER respond to girls (no matter how deep the attraction; or how much they waited) or either EVER express so many feelings and (such) EXPERIENCES ever.

"Where Am I" received an Honorable Mention from the 2007 Billboard International Song Contest.

More recently, in a submission of a few songs for the December Song of the Year contest; I was named one of "December's Top Songwriters" and a "Suggested Artist" in 2009.

I was interviewed by Junior's Cave Online Magazine May 25, 2010. I was their "New Music Spotlight" for the June Edition.

I performed live monthly at a Rehab Center in the Los Angeles area in 2011. For 2 hours- some songs standing with backing tracks, and some at the piano.



Written By: Craig DeMetz

All she needed was love
And she waited like nobody else
All I wanted was her
Up on a shelf...

And I can't believe
What I've done

I'm saving it all for Marianne
I'm saving it all for my long lost friend
Maybe I'm asking too much-
Maybe I'm in over my head
Saving it all for Marianne
All for Marianne

All we needed was time
To walk together under the sun
All the time all the while
I'm in it all for fun....

And I'll turn you away..
I'm turning all.. other eyes away...


Call me a fool...
Can call on me anytime she wants
All I can do.....

I've got to try
I've got to try..
She's home tonight-
I just know that she is home tonight

All for Marianne
All for Marianne.
All for Marianne....

On And On

Written By: Craig DeMetz

Someone is trying to take you away from me yea
Someone that can't see
How long did you think you could keep..
The secret of your inconsistency.

On and on
And on
On the run.... Oh no
On and on
And on
On the run.... Under the gun.

I am hanging up with me; yea
I am trying not to see..
How long- I thought we just could be
Stay in love and uncomplicatedly.


Is it mine is it mine is it mine is it mine?
I really want to know, girl..
Is he tall, is he warm, is he handsome, is he fine?
Don't think I want to know..


Where Am I (When I Need You)

Written By: Craig DeMetz

All the warmth is gone
Now that summers done
The birds have flown
And I am all alone

I daydream everyday
But it seems the is no way
To get you off my mind
Cause you're on it all the time...

So where am I when I need you
After all that I've been through
Waiting there but I let you go
Like a fool I went to slow..

All the times I never tried
Close myself up and hide
The times I've failed to give
Just won't let me live...

And the few times I've come out my shell
It seems I'd never fail
To gain a friend
Until I let it end..


You waited and waited
And waited and waited
And waited and waited so long.....

You waited and waited
And waited for me
What have I done....


All the love is gone
I've faded into a song
Life goes on..
And I am far from strong...


Written By: Craig DeMetz

It's been such a long time
Since I've seen your eyes.
And you stayed right down the line-
Through all my goodbyes.

And I know I was so wrong
All those years of running from pearls... So I was stunned into this song
For half a dozen girls.

I never meant to hurt you.
Or just turn and walk away.
Did I really deserve you?
Or really desert you?

I've spent such a long time
Just wondering why...
A girl can try so hard but still she'll find... There ain't no gettin' in...



Nice Goodbye

Written By: Craig DeMetz

As we quietly say goodnight..
I wonder with doubt
About you.

And it's nothing
Nothing at all . . .
Yet I can't help but think
How did I do.

As I'm walking to my car
Did she have to try and fake it..
How does she see me now?
I wish that we could make it..

Nice goodye
Just give me that smile again.
And we'll detour the pain.
With a nice goodbye
Whatever we do..
Let's just make it a nice goodbye.

How funny
How unsure everytime..
Undecided and unguided
We play our last lines.

In our darkness
We walk away...
Feeling out of place and lost in space
Not knowing which way.



A nice goodbye
Just give me that smile again
We won't need to pretend.
No, with a nice goodbye
Whatever we say whoever we play
Let's just make it a
Good bye . . . .


Written By: Craig DeMetz

Talk about love
Talk about it everyday
Talk about time along the way.

Talk about time
Was I living for today
And is there any other way?

Did I tell you I love you baby?
Did I tell you I love you once again?
Did I tell you I love you once again...

Talk about love
Talk about it in every way
Try to find the words to say.

Talk about time
Was I wasting it away
All for another day?

Did I tell you I love you baby?
Did I tell you I love you once again?
Did I tell you I love you once again...

So cry... awhile.
Send some down to me.
And fly....
All the way to free.

Doesn't really matter how hard you try.
Or how many times you think about.
Or how many tears get caught in my eyes...

So cry... awhile.
Send some right on down.
And fly . . .
Make it calm and clear..

The Last Time

Written By: Craig DeMetz

The Last Time

Written by: Craig DeMetz

Well the words have been simple enough
And the lines rhyme so well
But the story has been all too rough
And on myself I've been like hell.

And it's just as well
To leave it at will  and fly ...  high..

It's the last time I'll sing this way again . . .
It's the last time that I'll get down on myself
And it's the last time I'll apologize
The last time that I'll realize
It's the last time that I'll sing this way again..

Well the music's dramatic
And the words estatic
And every single one so true...
And I could never count the cost
Of the girls I lost
But I gotta stop cryin' 'fool'...

And 'what a fool'
And 'you gotta be so cool'


It's the last time...
The very last time
It's the last time..

Ó1984 Craig DeMetz


Someone I Can Hold Onto

Written By: Craig DeMetz

"Someone I Can Hold Onto"

Is it something in the way you look
Everytime I look at you.
Is it something in the way you look
At me . . .

Is it somewhere in the eyes that say
'I will like you anyway.'
Is it something in the way you stay
With me..

Oooooo someone I can hold onto..
Oooooo someone I can hold onto.

Is it something in the way you care
That makes me stop and stare!
Is it something in the way you're there
For me..

Is it somewhere in the friends we are
With the guidance from on high!
The way we were meant to be
You and I..


I want to hold on to you
I want to hold on to you
I want to hold on to you


LP Tribute
Released 2006.

Also at

Set List

I've written 64 AC/pop songs.
I actually do covers much better than (singing) my own songs. But I've improved as time has gone on, and I sound better now than on some of these demos which were done back in 2000 & 2001.
("Where Am I" was recorded in 2007. "Cry" was recorded in '08.)