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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States | INDIE

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States | INDIE
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"Various Reviews"

“Erickson shines... his lead and slide guitar work is extremely accomplished and volatile... gutsy vocals perfectly compliment his fluid and muscular guitar work.”
- Mick Skidmore (Relix Magazine)

"There is a new sheriff in town, folks... he has both the finesse to caress and the ability to cut down trees with his axe."
- Ellis Kell (Oil the Music Magazine)

“Craig Erickson plays soulful, toneful, melodic leads.”
- Jimmy Mayo (Guitar World Magazine)

"Craig Erickson may well be picking up where Hendrix, Clapton, Page and Beck left off, and he may even have -- dare I say it?! -- guitar chops beyond their wildest dreams. This CD offers originals and covers in a three-piece band context. The focus is clearly Erickson's playing, which is stellar. His tribute to Hendrix, "Gypsy Jimi Jam," is a masterpiece. Not that the rest of the CD isn't -- it's all magnificent, with some of the best guitar playing now available. A must hear CD for all guitar enthusiasts."

Steve Rosen, author (February - 2010)

"In February 1994 Galley, Hughes, and Holland reformed again, playing in New York in a tribute concert for vocalist, Ray Gillen of Badlands and Black Sabbath fame. This led to other dates, kicking off in the UK in March 1994 at the 'Robin R'n'B Club' in their home town of the West Midlands region, and in April in the U.S., with veteran blues guitarist Craig Erickson accompanying Hughes on both lead and rhythm guitar" -

"We've been fans of Craig Erickson for years so when his ninth solo record New Earth Blues arrived at our doorstep, we were elated. It's been a couple years since we've heard any thing new - so his sweet guitar tone feels fresh and energetic. In 2008, Erickson's studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was wiped out with an epic flood - second worse flood disaster in US history next to Katrina. The devastation and aftermath fill New Earth Blues with an undercurrent (no pun intended) of struggle and hardship in titles like "Drownin' Down Here", "Spaceship Lifeboat" and "Titanic Planet". His guitar echoes SRV, Clapton and Gallagher influence, but his lyric writing and vocal edge are closer to Chris Whitley, Little Feat and even the Grateful Dead. What many respect is his unique ability to color a song with the right emotion so that it sticks with you. For instance, his cover of Chris Whitley's "Indian Summer" captures the laidback Iowa season with a delicate wa-wa and melodic voice that paints a picture of complete beauty.

On the other hand, album title "New Earth Blues" and "Political World" are fierce political statements that breathe fire into six strings while drummer Eric Douglas bashes out a thunderous groove. Also unafraid of unleashing loud riffs with big hooks, Erickson has us going back time-after-time to visit "Crossroads of Love" and Peter Green's "World Keeps on Turning". Both reflect a certain Gary Moore meets Leslie West echo, especially when the solo extends out. Erickson's urgent delivery and dynamic phrasing push and pull to squeeze every ounce from each tune. He even steps "World Keeps On Turning" up a notch from shuffle to two-step and ends in rockus frenzy. Yet the tenderness of the before mentioned "Drownin' Down Here", and Hendrix-inspired psychedelic nature of "Spaceship Lifeboat" truly showcase the guitarists craft as he embraces a variety of blues styles and gives them his own signature. Free's "Be My Friend" takes on new life with Erickson's voice becoming a powerful force of emotion joined at song's end by a ripping solo run. The last 13 minutes of the disc are the most personal and passionate with country-edged "Blue Horizon" followed by a scorching 7-minute jam."

Todd K. Smith (The Cutting Edge) (March 2010)

Craig Erickson is an artist who's comfortable enough in his own skin and confident enough in his own abilities to claim the right to make the kind of records that he wants to make. After years of forging his own brand of fiery guitar work, always displaying his emotive and expansive musical vocabulary (with each release refining, expanding and deepening his artistic palette), New Earth Blues is the bravest of all of Craig's releases.. and it's also the most startling, direct and chilling.

In a musical environment where it's almost required that each new record be bigger, badder and grander than the last, some stories are told best by one man - and his guitar. New Earth Blues is a masterstroke; an intensely personal project that comes as a shock and hard as a rock - a somber, acid-etched portrait of a wounded world that fuels its machinery by consuming the dreams and aspirations of its alienated inhabitants. Through the blurred sting of smoking electric guitars and spare, lamenting lyrics delivered in the smooth grit that is Craig's trademark, grim portraits of a world in decline emerge.. and every nuanced word and note speaks volumes.

The grooves are tight, wicked and h - Various


1 - "Road House Stomp" - Shrapnel/Blues Bureau International

2 - "Retro Blues Express" - Shrapnel/Blues Bureau International

3 - "Two Sides of the Blues" - Shrapnel/Blues Bureau International

4. - "Force Majeure" - Shrapnel/Blues Bureau International

5 - "Shine" - Grooveyard Records -

6 - "Big Highway" - Grooveyard Records -

7 - "Rare Tracks" - Grooveyard Records -

8 - "New Earth Blues" - Grooveyard Records -

9 - "Planet Pluto" - self released.

10 - New album scheduled for relase in 2012! - Shrapnel/Blues Bureau International

Side Project albums:

1 - "Cosmic Farm" - Tone Center -

2 - "Ride" - Mascot/Provogue

Trbute/Multiple Artists Ablums:

1 - "Hats Off To Stevie Ray Vaughn - Shrapnel/Blues Bureau International

2 - "Fit For A. King; - Shrapnel/Blues Bureau International



Having sold thousands of records world wide, Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s Craig Erickson is a legitimate guitar hero and the most important guitarist to come from the state of Iowa since Tommy Bolin. His nine solo albums, Road House Stomp, Retro Blues Express, Two Sides of the Blues, Force Majeure (Shrapnel/BBI) Shine, Big Highway, Rare Tracks, The Porch on Planet Pluto, and New Earth Blues which critics are calling Craig’s best yet (Grooveyard Records), have met with critical acclaim throughout the planet. Craig also has an album with vocalist Rob Lamothe, Ride, and Cosmic Farm, a fusion project featuring Rob Wasserman (Lou Reed, Bob Wier), Jeff Sipe (Aquarium Rescue Unit), T Lavitz (Dixie Dregs, Jazz is Dead).

Craig’s second release, Retro Blues Express, was proclaimed “l’aAlbum du Mois” (album of the month) by Guitar Bass Magazine, France’s largest music publication. Likened by music critics to many of his influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, and a very uncanny resemblance to Tommy Bolin, his live performances are outstanding.. Speaking of Tommy Bolin, his younger brother Johnny who currently drums with Black Oak Arkansas, and former Deep Purple lead vocalist/bassist, Glenn Hughes, were so impressed with Craig that he was asked to perform with them all over the country in the ultimate Tommy Bolin Tribute Band. Craig also co-wrote all the songs and played on Glenn Hughes Blues, which when released was the #1 independent rock/blues album in England.

Craig has also performed on two tribute albums - Hats Off To Stevie Ray Vaughan and Fit For A. King - along with his label mates Pat Travers, Rick Derringer, Leslie West, and Ricky Medlocke. There have been many write-ups and ads about Craig in major music magazines in the world today. One particular ad that comes to mind is where Craig shares equal billing with Eric Clapton! We call it "God & Son," see inside for photo and story. Craig also has his own instrumental book published by Melbay "Southern Rock Guitar".

Endorsements include Vigier guitars, Rivera Amps, Seymour Duncan, etc.

Craig has recorded or toured with musicians including Rob Wasserman, Glenn Hughes, Tony Franklin, John Avila, Richie Kotzen, Warren De Martini, Atma Anur, Paul Pesco, Greg Chaisson, Jeff Martin, Greg Martin, Chris Duarte, Darrell Mansfield, T Lavitz, Rob Lamothe, Richard Bell, Terry Lawless, Jeff Sipe, Buddy Miles , Rocky Athas, Johnnie Bolin, and many more...

Craig will be releasing a new album for Shrapnel Records in America, and Mascot/Provogue Records in Europe in 2012!

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