Craig Freeman

Craig Freeman


Craig Freeman makes music that you really feel and can't resist moving to.


Uk born singer songwriter Craig Freeman released his debut single 'Hookers and Thieves' in June 2012, receiving airplay all over the country. It was taken off his debut EP 'Any Other Day' recorded at Misfit studio's in Los Angeles in December 2011. It's a mellow indictment of wasted time and could have, would have, should haves people say to themselves about pivotal moments in their lives. “Live For Today” and “Shadow Room” are especially telling, in which Freeman urges, “Don’t waste your time” and “Take it all/It’s gone too soon.”

From Sydney's Annandale Hotel to The Solbar on the Sunshine Coast and all the way to Perth, Craig is building his fan base from the ground up by getting out on the road playing impressive shows and winning people over with his smooth and powerful voice,one town at a time. It's this grass roots attitude that ensures Craig maintains a personal connection to his fans, just how he likes it.

From the surf to the stage, Craig also works as a Professional Lifeguard and sometimes draws similarities between the Ocean and his songs, in that there are deep calming lulls to overwhelmingly intense moments, fuelling the emotions of his listeners.

As a child growing up in the UK there was always music in the house, if it wasn't being played on guitar or piano it was in the form of the Beatles, Dire Straits or Queen played on Craig's father's record player. Throughout his teens Craig DJ'd house music and also played Bass in a Britpop band, as well as listening to everything going. So, to name McCartney, Clapton, Lennon and Damien Rice as influences is only scratching the surface.



Written By: Craig Freeman

I let go of the life that I once knew
And I wipe the tears from my eyes
There wasn't once that I gave to you
Any less than my life

But what I fear the most
Is that I'm here alone

So, you just string me a line of hope
And I'll wish away all the tears
This loves best kept inside to choke
Locked away with my cheer

But what I fear the most
Is that I'm hear alone

And I'll keep my distance from the other folk
And I'll leave my heading the sand
I'll keep on working till my backs broke
All for a couple of grand

But what I fear the most
Is that I'm hear alone

Well I won't let these years hold me back
Cos I know a trick or two
And if there's anything I've learnt from that
Is to please myself and I should

What I fear the most
Is that I'm here alone

And I'm waiting for the day
You come around to me say
Your heart is mine always
How ever long it takes

I'm waiting
And I'll keep waiting
For that Day