Craig Hillelson

Craig Hillelson


Sarcastic, a little low key. Topical but not "too" smart. Material focuses on work and social issues.


Praised by fellow comedians for his “authentic anger,” Craig Hillelson started performing stand up comedy after years of repressing his smart-ass tendencies at work. In comedy clubs all over New York City, he has shared the stage with the likes of Joe DeVito, Pat Dixon, Becky Donohue, Marc Theobald, and Laurie Kilmartin. An active writer, Craig is currently in production on his first short film, “Fingers the Wedding Photographer.” Additionally, he has contributed music and done sound design for shorts by Rob Kutner (The Daily Show) and production team, Julie Klausner and Jackie Clarke (Obsessed with Julie and Jackie). Craig lives in Brooklyn, watches Goodfellas at least once a month and enjoys writing about himself in the third person.



Set List

I typically do 8 - 10 minute sets during which I settle scores with forces or people I don't have the courage to confront.