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pocket full of dreams

Written By: craig hyder

Leaving out for nashville
Early morning light
this greyhounds cold
these jeans are old
and something just aint right
stomachs feeling empty
but my pockets are feeling lean wishing you were sitting here with me

didn't mind the leaving
knew i had to go
looking for the reason
for this hole inside my soul
hope you get the letter
that i left for you last night
wishing i knew how to make this right

looking out the window
at faces i don't know
i ran out of money
about a hundred miles ago
baby don't you worry
ive got five dollars in my shoe
saved enough to make a call to you

people staring at me
as i'm walking down the street
carrying everything i own
trying to find a place to sleep
guess i'll stay out here tonight
theres a big ole harvest moon
and i can see the lights
from the opry

singing for my supper
though this old guitar needs strings
still made twenty dollars
though half of that was change
met a guy named billy
said he knew a place to stay
wasn;t much but you could pay there by the day

i'll be coming for you
in the early spring
gotta find a job somrwhere
gotta try to play and sing
nothing gonna stop me
cause i know what i gotta do
make a little place for me and you

leaving out for nashville
early morning light
don't know if i'll make it
but i'm damn sure gonna try
maybe i'm a dreamer
but the world needs dreamers too
sometimes thats all you got
to get you through