Craig Knight

Craig Knight

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Moody, passionate and unique ranging from aggressively rythmic to ambient and subtle. The songs are lyric driven keeping in the tradition of singer/songwriters like Dave Matthews and Seal. A strong heavy vibrato is this singer's M.O. One Fellow singer-songwriter has described it as 'like a whip'.


Craig hails from Atlantic City, New Jersey. He was most recently featured in the Word/Rock Soul arts and music festival in Brooklyn NY where he performed songs from his forthcoming EP: Living Room Sessions. When he is not solo he can be found singing lead vocals in his rock/soul band Zero Gravity. He has also performed in several other venues in the New York area such as Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar, Triad Theater, the Village Underground, Studio 54, CB’s Gallery and Joe’s Pub. He is most known for his work as a performance poet in the acclaimed spoken word trio A Touch of R.E.A.L.L.I.T.Y.; and has performed in colleges and universities all over of the East Coast and Midwestern United States.

Musically educated by the New York City underground music scene, Craig’s singing and poetry talents have reached international audiences. He has been featured twice as an acclaimed soloist in Holland’s Crime Jazz series, and as well as work producing debut CD The Beautiful Daye with recording artist, Tyren (GRFX). Craig Knight currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.


Partner in time

Written By: Craig Knight

There’s a place in mind
Where you and I still breathe together
And untouched by time
Is a picture of you and I
But ill winds have come
As good byes often brew
And ties come undone
As ties often do
And now I’ve only got time
Left to think of you
And you will always be


You will always be
My partner in time
You will always be
My partner in time

I walk alone in this wilderness
Your gentle breeze lays a kiss on my face
And memories come rushing in
Takes me back to that special place
Where you and I were so meant to be
Now all that’s left are memories

And ill winds have come
As good byes often brew
And ties come undone
As ties often do
And now I’ve only got time
Left to think of you
And you will always be



Never thought the day would come
Never dreamed
The time would ever come
Now I’ve only got time
As my companion
And you will always be

(chorus out)

Memories Remain

Written By: Craig Knight

Memories have maimed those who’ve claimed to be sure footed here
Then egos disappear
No one is safe from jagged rocks below
When taking the lover’s plunge

There are
Thin lines
Between love and sanity
And these memories still remain (twice)

These feet are bloody
Where the shards of your heart remain
and only time can heal the pain
Reflections of ourselves sometimes
Crack before our eyes
And only God can hear the cries.

There are places
in here
where you’ll always live and breath
and these memories still remain (twice)

These memories still remain (repeat)

Don't Worry

Written By: Craig Knight

If you would only
Let me touch you there
Girl I’ll surely make you mine

And you would see so clear
Exactly why I’m here
Don’t let suspicion make you blind

There’s a place we can go
No one has to know
There our souls can intertwine
Let your fear float on the air
There’s no reason to be scared
All I ask of you is time


Don’t worry
I’ll take care of you
If you would only free your mind
Don’t worry
I’ll take care of you
All I ask of you is time

I know you wanna take things slow
Its probably the way to go
But patience just ain’t my thing
My love it comes like a wave
I’ll be this way to my grave
So baby listen when I say



Zero Gravity EP Released 2002

Set List

Craig's performances range from high-energry rock shows with his band Zero Gravity to intimate unplugged performances that include both original music and popular rock and soul covers. Covers include such popular artists as: Seal, Pearl Jam, David Bowie, Stone Temple Pilots, Curtis Mayfield The Smashing Pumpkins and Jimi Hendrix.

Original Songs:
Zero Gravity
Washed Away
Just Like Me
The Spotlight
Whoa Whoa
Memories Still Remain
Love Jam
Partner in Time
Take Me Away

Frequently Played Covers

Little Wing-Jimi Hendrix
Space Oddity-David Bowie
Black-Pearl Jam
Old Woman....-Pearl Jam
Today-The Smashing Pumpkins
Plush-Stone Temple Pilots