Craig McCown

Craig McCown


I am a storyteller. My music is a blend of Rock, Folk and Country with a high energy vocal delivery reminiscent of Cat Stevens.



Craig McCown is an independent artist with a passion for great stories and a knack for translating them into songs. He began learning to play the guitar while still a teenager, and ventured into the Seattle music scene where he joined numerous cover bands and continued to write some of his own material. While studying music both privately and at the collegiate level he also (acting on the advice of his teachers) spent significant time exploring the work of singer/songwriters like James Taylor and Cat Stevens. He began to find opportunities as a songwriter and has had three songs recorded and distributed by a Los Angeles based record company. He also was selected and signed by a performing arts development label where he spent five years as an Artist in Repertoire.

Craig McCown is an artist who has found a way of making music on his terms. He has successfully melded his influences into a style that is both nostalgic, and uniquely his own. An Americana singer/songwriter who has been hanging out in Nashville—immersed in collaboration with veteran producer Lauren Stalnecker. In December 2009, he completed his first full- length CD entitled “Vibe”. Tailored to the Americana marketplace, “Vibe” is an all original record; consisting of Rock & Roll, Country and Folk influences.

Craig currently lives and writes in Washington State, but plans to travel extensively in the coming months and years sharing his constant musical conversation with the world!



Written By: Craig McCown BMI

Craig McCown, BMI
Song Title: “Paige”
Words and Music

Verse 1
Paige you’re still the one I need
You pulled me up from beyond the brink
Bright as a summer day
All the world for a stage
Verse 2
Pony tails and ribbons blue
It started out back when we were in school
Sitten on the bench—waiten for the bus to come

Give it a chance
Don’t you look back let me show you
The places where words still matter
And no one gets shattered
Love’s all I’m after

Verse 3
Sometimes I think I’m dreamen
Like a storm that stays until its done weepen
You are my one desire these tender thoughts will live on

Verse 4
If I don’t make it through
A love could have never been anymore true
Just before I go
I want to see you again

Down At The Honkytonk

Written By: Craig McCown BMI Lauren Stalnecker ASCAP

Craig McCown, BMI
Lauren Stalnecker, ASCAP
Song Title: Down At The Honkytonk
Original words and music

Verse 1
I was eighteen, and worken on the farm
From the breaken of the day until the fields went dark
At sundown
Worries go faden away

Verse 2
Fridays come, the next thing I know
I’m on a fast track
Theres only one place to go where I can slow down
Take some time out for a day

Down at the honkytonk on route 47
There’s some girls down there that will take you to heaven
You can pull up a chair
Order a beer
Or whiskey your worries away
There’s a jukebox playen
And a line dance swayen
All the friends are sayen hello
Down at the honkytonk
Down at the honkytonk.

Verse 3
I’ve got a girlfriend, and Lord I miss her
On the weekends, I love to kiss her
But she’s down, on her daddy’s farm tonight
Friday’s come, the next thing you know
I’m on a fast track
I wanna go where I can see her
And love will show the way.

(repeat chorus x3)

Pages She Left Behind

Written By: Craig McCown, BMI

Craig McCown, BMI
Song Title: “Pages”
Original song

Verse 1
Pages on the shelf at home
Pages she wont read
Texting on the line too me
Cold as a winter freeze

Verse 2
Times we spent without a care
Just naive enough to think we had it made
Like Tom and Meg in the Seattle air
Manuscripts that didn’t make it past the edit stage
Brought us face to face with shattered dreams
So wild and unprepared

I’ve got some pages you once wrote
About all the highs and the lows
Goes on and on like an old love song
That didn’t last yet it still lives on
These pages I keep
Pages—you left behind

Verse 3
Pages heavy as a stone
Pages that we should have known
In time the story’s set free
Now scattered in the breeze

(Repeat verse 2)

One More Try

Written By: Craig McCown, BMI

Craig McCown, BMI
Song title: One More Try
Original song

Verse 1
There is a moment
That they say never ends
Two hearts come slowly
An embrace to begin

Verse 2
And if you’ve never found it
That doesn’t mean its not there
A love for the moment
The kinda love I must have

Somebody to believe
In a wide open road
More than just a dream
Don’t wanna live it alone
You’re a part of me
Babe I don’t wanna go:
By the time I get to New York
My letter reaches your door
If words should ever change your mind
Call me I’ll be doin fine
Let’s give this lovin one more try.

Verse 3
Then there’s the moment
When it comes at first sight
You try to hold it
But it passes right by

Verse 4
You can’t understand it
But you know that its there
That rare kinda moment
I’ve waited all of my life

Repeat Bridge


Title: Blue Eyes Farr, HillTop Records "America" CD released to radio in 2003.
Title: Maroon Lake Park: HillTop Records "Broadway Melodies: CD released to radio in 2004.
Title: My Home Stateside" HillTop Records "Land That I Love" CD released in 2005.
In 2010 I will be focusing on providing high quality entertainment for venues ,large and small as well as promoting my new CD which I am very proud of
"Vibe" will be available for purchase at my shows and via itunes.

Set List

My set will include all or part of my new CD "Vibe" (hear all cuts within the music tab of my EPK). Covers I play regularly:

You've Got A Friend, James Taylor.
Walking In Memphis, Mark Cone.
Every Breath You Take, The Police.
Sultans of Swing, Dire Straits